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Hi all this house is 2 house's with an extension part in the middle to join the house's and make it one, now the middle part is being knocked down and made back into 2 house's now in both house's there are plug sockets on the ring that are on a wall that is coming down, the owner wants as little making good as possible so the question is want to do with the incoming and outgoing ends of the ring. Cant access from above as its tiled and apparently they don't want me to make to many holes in ceilings that are not being disturbed but having seen some off the runs it would be impossible to pull through as cables are ran through joists but not in straight lines. Has anyone have any idea's its a difficult one with all this joint boxes have to be accessible?
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Is there C.U in both houses now with 2 incomers?

Or is everthing supplied from one C.U and incoming supply?

You have to do what you have to do, they have to patch up after you've done it.

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Crimp and heat shrink the legs together.


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Huh? Little making good as possible when they're taking walls down
You're going to have to use the force mate. For crying out loud it's a partial demolition and they're worrying about making good?
May as well do as Thomas said and get Harry Potter in


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Yes it has 2 separate consumer units supplying each house individually, what they have said is walls and ceiling not involved in the demolition can be left alone and not disturbed. This heat shrinking would that be ok to heat shrink crimps on join the ring main and put up top on ceiling, only other solution I have is put in joint boxes and have them in a box that is accessible


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Same old same old.
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Just don't by accident join the two different house circuits together.

Lets hope they are on the same phase for future sake, never know in the next generation of electricians what may happen, my neighbour is on a different one to me, but the same to the one next to them.


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no fully tested both houses and evreything separate I know being a spark for 14 years in army we are used to just get it working but sure that both houses are separate mate, getting a bit fed up with this accessible junction box though so any joins need to be on the wall were you can access them boxxxcks no houses I go into have junction boxes immediately accessible what about all the extractor fans, outdoor lights on PIRS and the other numerous uses for junction boxes were are they all then?


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I think you need to order a bunch of Ashley J803's and J804's plus a big box of aspirin. Anyone who thinks they can do this "with minimal" making good is mad - in fact do you want this business??

Many unanswered questions - me thinks you need to agree a scope of works AND agree in writing that additional work will be charged for.

Have fun.
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