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I’ve been trying to get into the trade for a few months now, I’m studying electrical installation at Bedford college. I’m 23 currently an office manager in retail but looking for an apprenticeship that doesn’t pay pennies or a mate/improver job. I am a very practical person and the theory side of things is a beeeze but I’m unsure how to get a job with no contacts in the trade. Any help or a point in the right direction would be appreciated...

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Apprenticships at JIB rates run at £3.95 per hour last time I looked so don't know about the "pennies" bit. Improver/mate pretty much the same especially to begin with. I have had a few trainees work with me and honestly speaking it is hard to justify payment of any kind. Someone like yourself you would be lucky to get £5 per hour. Normally I have to supply tools, time, instruction and watch like a hawk to make sure they don't electrocute themselves (or me!) and do the job properly.
For instance making connections up in ceilings. I showed a trainee several times the technique for getting three core 1.0 mm² flexible cable terminated into sensors. Quite a fiddly job taking me about 2-3minutes the trainee 20 minutes and copper stands (spider legs I calls 'em) and exposed copper. Back to the drawing board do it again some muttering and swearing later still not done properly. Using push fit wagos I am told it's impossible, although I have just showed them it is possible by doing it in front of them. A lot of time to get someone up to scratch hence the price thing.
There are a lot of guys with tools and transport who will work for nothing just to get the experience so you are up against a very competitive field. It can be done but you are going to have to invest some time into working for peanuts to get there just saying. Don't mean to discourage you. Try advertising your self in electrical wholesalers.


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try agencies for mate's jobs. sign up to indeed for job alerts. get a cscs card so you can get on building sites.

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