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ive been looking at the lct204w pack from makita comes with the impact driver and a drill but is drill any good ive been using the dewalt 12v impact and its great started looking around for one for myself and saw this the impact driver even though its only 10.8v i would have thought will be fine but im not so sure on the drill is it anygood or should i just buy a seperate impact driver and buy a new drill in the future?
not were i was going to buy it from but has the specs
LCT204W DF330D TD090D:MAKITA-MAKITA LCT204W 2 Piece Kit DF330DWE + TD090D

or my other option i have coem accross is the makita 14.4v tripple pack which has 3 x 1.3ah nicad batteries plus

Makita 6280DWPE3 14.4V 2-Speed Drill Driver
- 2 mechanical gears
- forward and reverse
- variable speed
- electric brake
- max in steel 10mm
- max in wood 25mm
- torque settings 32; 20/36
- max size wood screw no.14
- no load speed hi 0-1200rpm low 0-350rpm
- charging time 30mins
- net weight 1.6kg

Makita 8280DZ 14.4V Combi Drill
- variable speed trigger
- forward & reverse action
- electronic brake
- keyless chuck
- max capacity - 10mm steel / 25mm wood / 10mm masonry
- No.12 max wood screw size
- 16 stage variable torque
- 20/36Nm torque (S/H)
- 0-350rpm / 0-1,200rpm no load speed (Hi/Lo)
- 30min charging time
- weight 1.7kg

Makita 6935FDZ 14.4V Impact Driver
- charging time 1 hour
- machine screw M4-M8
- standard bolt M5-M12
- max torque 140Nm
- no load speed 0-2,600rpm
- impacts per minute 3,200ipm
- weight 1.6kg
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Johnny Bravo

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I had the bosch equivilent twin pack. Like you I bought an impact after using a Hilti 14.4v at work.

The drill is a waste of time, its only use is for pilots.

The impact had just about enough guts (100nm) to drive screws without pilots, but only at full speed, which made the 1.3ah li-ion batteries run low fast.

I got my money back from screwfix and bought a panasonic 14.4v li-ion combi sds with two 3.0ah batteries for 200 and the matching bare impact (150nm) for 80 much better!

I also wouldn't ever go back to non li-ion batteries. 3.0ah weigh less than ni-? 1.3ah and can be charged at any point.
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i was almost hoping for that answer thanks for that just seen a dewalt 18v combi that comes with matching impact driver doesnt have the new batteries but ive just been looking and the new dewalt batts fit the old drills so when the ones that come with it die then ill just get the new ones, only thing it doesnt have is a work light but i was trying to decide how helpfull that was and i must have used it twice yesterday and even then i think i just did as it was there. question is will i miss it?

Johnny Bravo

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The light is very useful, especially when you haven't got a head torch handy, you would be suprised how much it does help at times.

I was in the same prediciment

If the dewalt drill doesn't hammer i would forget that in my opinion.

I went for the panny duo because the drill is sds so 10mm masonary is effortless (up to 16mm). Its a combi and comes with 1/4 hex attachment, i can use spades and quick change drill bits. It only weighs 2kg and it comes with two li-ion 3.0ah batteries at 210 quid. The bargain was the impact, brushless motor, very powerful at 150nm and work light at only 70 quid!
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Sorry to jump on this thread after almost a month but i have only just joined.

I purchased that Makite 'white' trinpack recently for use in my current part time role of Kitchen fitting. Its been a great little kit and agreed the drill/driver doesnt have huge guts but its weight and size make it very handy.

The Impact driver is only slightly behind in power to the Bosch equivalent but you wouldent really tell tbh. yes you need it at full power to get the most from it, but i usually manage to go a whole day on a job without recharging either battery whilst fitting units etc. I have a dewalt Combi for wall drilling and an SDS for more heavy duty work though...

Oh and i think the white looks quite snazzy! :)

just my tuppence! ;)

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