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Just tried out my torque driver, on an old consumer unit.

Driver has three settings.

Setting 1 just enough to tighten up screws (impact didn't cut in), checked with torque screwdriver - and would need to hand tight further.
Setting 2 - impact cut in and now unable to loosen screw off by hand.
Setting 3 - just destroyed screw and rail.

Have now renamed my torque driver setting too - woose, hulk, and torque the destroyer (aka WTF).

BTW Have only ever used torque drive for screwing into hard wood (setting 2) and removing 'difficult' screws (setting 2). Setting 3 I think should only be used if you are planning on drilling to the centre of the earth. They do make one hell of noise.
This was the electric driver I recall being OK for terminals as it stops driving at 0.4Nm. Not cheap mind:

It seems the MkI relied on an o-ring to keep blades in place and that o-ring had a tencdency to fall out. The Mk2 has probably overcome its predecessor's rather poor design, but I still can not see any justification for the price.

I'm sure it'd be worth every penny to anyone who spends 40 hours a week removing and refitting switch plates and sockets, but most people would likely opt for a £10 or £20 electric screwdriver.


The belt clips are a nuisance, and I don't want to trust to them when up a ladder...the weight on a belt is quite considerable. I have a holster bolted to my wooden leg instead.
How did i get the wooden leg? Well, I decided to augment my piratical income by becoming a builder. I took the short course. This involved buying:
a) a pair of rigger's boots
b) a site-radio with 200W output
c) a nail gun

Not being a wimp. I took the guard off the nose of the gun, then stuffed into the big pocket in my DeWalt trousers (which I already had from pretending to be a plumber)...
anyway, the surgeon was very impressed how the nails had gone right through the flesh and bone, leaving him only a slight trimming job...

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