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Does anyone have much experience in this field ? i know a guy that owns 18 different business premesis, and he is currently paying about £1000 per year for each one to be tested. I have discussed the possibility of me doing the yearly test for him at a more competetive price, but at the moment i only have my City and Guilds parts 1 + 2 in electrical installation. Would it just be a case of me doing the Pat testing course, purchasing the Testing equipment and getting Public Liabililty ??? or would i need to do more than that to get started ??? Any feedback on your experiences and advice will be greatly welcomed. Thx in advance.



There is no requirement to have the PATesting course, to do PATesting just as long as your competent at doing it. Obvioulsy if you have your parts 1 and 2 then youre pretty clued up already :) However the 2377 PATesting course is very short and lasts a week. Costs about £50 from my experience if i rememeber right. It may be a good idea to do it anyway, as there are parts that talk about record keeping, and the law, and where u stand etc. But yes, its just a case of gettin the equipment and public liability... :)



Which part of the world are you? I offer PAT testing Services:

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If you need to ask any questions - PM me.
I did a 3 day course a couple of years ago,there were joiners,plumbers and all sorts of non 'electrical' peeps there.Can't remember how much the course cost as the company paid for it.Did get a nice C&G Certificate at the end of it though.



******hell £1000 per building, get in there lad, under cut him and still make a good butty, get on that course and get trained up.


the 2377 course is dead simple, get it under your belt. even though you wont legally need it, it's still proof of competence and it will go a long way if it ever comes to using that much needed liability insurance.

you'd be good to go for £1000 or maybe a little more (2377 course, tester, budget laptop & printer to store your info, labels etc.)


i think he's planning on doing this on his own, so he can make some money too...


i run this one in surrey,maybe we can help you



Hi all, this PAT testing has got me thinking, cueently i am studing to be an electrician and did not know that it was so easy to become a PAT tester?
My question is this, what type of tester do you recommend, bearing in mind i live in Blackpool which is full of B& Bs and Hotels and many other business's.

Thanks in advance.

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