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Hi All

i just can't get on with crimps - I have the drapper rachet tool and draper crimps set.
I can sometimes get nice tight connection but on a few I can pull the conductor out with a pull!

Where am I going wrong? I squeeze the tool all the way until it releases.
I expose approx 8-10mm of copper when doing a joint.

Maybe the draper crimps are crap!!
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jumpin jax

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Try adjusting the tension with the star adjuster on the side, also try lubricating the joints, this also makes it easier on the hands.

dump the draper crimps(not the tool) and get some proper ones
Personally, I hate using crimps on solid-core, unless absolutely necessary. That said, they shouldn't pull out easily. Could be as you suggest, bad crimping tool, bad crimps, or a combo of both.
I use an Elpress crimper and Ampliversal crimps.


Are you using the correct crimp for the cable?

Are you putting the crimp in the tool the right way round, assuming it's not the type that will crimp from both sides?

Post a pic of a good one and a failed one.


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Using reds for 1.5 and 2.5.
How do I know the right way? there is nothing on the crimp or the instructions.


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I will be honest with you, the die stock in that tool is utter rubbish, throw it way and buy the CK one.
I cant be bother to explain the difference, go into a wholesaler and look at the die stock of the CK one and then look at yours, you will see the difference.
Cheap crimping pliers are generally ok for stranded cable, but you will need a good set to make a good joint on T&E. Mark's solution to change the die stock is a sensible one if you can't afford good pliers. Regarding which way around.... normally something one is shown during apprenticeship if it's not obvious. Generally tho, the wide part of the die fits around the cable insulation part of the crimp, while the smaller half will crimp the core. Many dies are the same both sides, in which case it doesn't matter which way you put the crimp in, just as long as it is not upside down.


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If you look at the diestock one side is taller than the other,the tall side feces into the crimp.on mine the coloured side red ,blue,yellow faces away from the crimp. if it works once ok then fails the next time that could be your problem, try a crimp one way then try one the other and see what happens draper crimps are nasty though proper diy rubbish .


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Ck ones only about 20 quid ain't it? Heard the swa ones pretty good too! Anyone tried the new ck ergonomic one?

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