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Advice on Voltage Testers please.

Discuss Advice on Voltage Testers please. in the Electrical Tools and Products area at ElectriciansForums.net


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I am building up my tool collection, slowly, we have done safe isolation, on our course, so I was looking to buy a Voltage Tester. But I know the Fluke ones have had a recall. But I have seen these two:

Fluke T150 Voltage and Continuity Tester - Edwardes - https://www.edwardes.co.uk/en/products/fluke-t150-voltage-continuity-tester

Megger Electricians Two Pole Voltage Tester - https://www.its.co.uk/pd/TPT320-Megger-Electricians-Two-Pole-Voltage-Tester-_MEGTPT320.htm

They both look very similar but which would you go for? I will also need a proving unit which is here:

Megger Electricians Proving Unit - https://www.its.co.uk/pd/MPU690-Megger-Electricians-Proving-Unit-_MEGMPU690.htm


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I had the di-log ^^^ one. The lead came free from the main body after a year.

Wouldn't worry about the Fluke recall; least they've identified the fault and gone about the recall. I just received my replacement.


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I have a Fluke T150 (currently at Fluke for the recall) and a T90. They are both great units, but I love the T150. It has been abused and lasted well but did finally succumb to the fault that triggered the recall.

I have a Socket and See proving unit, I found it was cheaper than the likes of Megger etc. but works great.


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On the US currency is written "In God We Trust" and let me just say, this is the one tool that we must trust to always be right.

I have a Kewtech tester and prover - it's been perfect for 3 years, but that Megger does looook verrry nice (can you tell I want one?).


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go for the Megger. at least it's not JCB yellow.


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The Megger does look nice. I will see what offers there are on the Fluke. What’s the difference between the Fluke models?


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I personally hate fluke but that is me, I would go with the Meggar myself, JMO.


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I've got a fluke 117 great bit of kit if you have somewhere to put it ie a bench the amount of times I've had to let it dangle. I'd go for a pen style as they are very easy to read from if you have no croc clips. (Stop stealing by croc clips!!!)


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I was going to look at a Multimeter but I don’t have the cash for one right now. I thought a voltage indicator would be a great start.


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i had a fluke T5-1000. on continuity it was less accurate than a piece of wet string.


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I’ve decided to go for the Megger. It looks a nice piece of kit. I’m sure it will last many years.

On the subject of Multimeter, are they worth getting or would it be better saving for a MFT?

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