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First post so Hi!

I'm taking my AM2 next week and was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to prepare - any circuit diagrams around regarding landlords override switch and a two way and intermediate lighting circuit, any pictures or videos about terminating MICC, etc?

Also, wish me luck.


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kitch good luck when i did the landlord sw i'd never come across one before ,however the principal of operation was explained so i managed ,different way to normal but it worked
under fault testing i had a fault that wasnt part of the test ,after proving that the accessory was at fault i continued and passed
hows your pyro /conduit work?


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Conduit is ok - dont do any at work though, my pyro-ing is very rusty as i haven't done any since my first year in college. I am pretty much always housebashing or jobbing about, I never do any factory work or anything so pretty much the entire installation is new to me, and my testing isn't the best either. I could do with some printouts to study before tuesday and to keep in my car while I'm doing it but haven't found much so far.


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hi mate, where are you doing it?? i did mine in pontypridd with dudley clist ( wont say anymore about him) anyway, you should of gone on a pre am2 before hand mate, defintly worth the extra money imo as they show you everything.

dunno how much its changed but the conduit is a doulbe 90 with a set in one piece of cut to length tube.

pyro isnt too bad just make sure your ends are not down.

lighting is pretty easy, two way with landlord overide i think.

also a motor in there to way aswell

and an armoured to make off between 2 fixed points.

did u get a book through the post all about it??

good luck with it though, any other questions do feel free to ask me.


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I'm taking it in Telford.



First one is what you start off with, got 10 hours (i think) to get it to the second one. Doesn't look too bad, I'm just not used to wiring with singles instead of T+E and not too sure about the pyro but as long as everything is secure and in the right place it should be ok.

Does anyone know of any printouts for terminating pyro, etc?

Cheers for the help.


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yep thats the one a mirror image of what i did some years ago.

the 10hrs is tight mate, dont wanna scare you but dont take too long on something, if you having probs move onto something else then go back to it.

when i was doing mine i was doing the 10hr exam but the he wuld stop the clock at certain points of the day and take me to do, fault finding, rectification etc, then go bk to 10hr exam and clock would start.

first thing was safe isolation on the day to work on your rig, make sure you lock off and do all the safe test but use the proving source before and after.

sorry im going on now.

how do you mean printouts for pyro???

have you done pyro before mate??? dont worry to much about it mate the nerves quickly go once you start the exam :)


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pyro...have all the tools (joistripper,pot clamp,pot aligner,ringing tool,pliers ,snips, knife)you can wing it with a knife ,snips pliers but they are watching .
measure ,strip outer sheath ,ring ,strip,tap cable to remove swarf ,fit outer gland parts apply pot .fill but dont trap air ,fit cable guide ,crimp, test insulation fit sleeves
have i missed anything ?years since i done it


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SWA - Ultimate Handyman: armoured cable and glands

Found these, will come in useful for myself and anyone else searching for AM2 help who comes across this thread.

Also thought of another couple of quick questions - does anyone know if the RCD-socket is part of the ring main or spurred seperately off the same circuit, and also if the emergency light fitting (FP200) is on the same circuit as the bulkhead light fitting. Cheers.
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A few pointers

Bond the tray and trunking (correct sizes)
Run CPC's to remote start/stop and indicator lights
Fit correct fuses in plugtop and switch fuse
FOLLOW safe isolation CORRECTLY
Fit heat sleeving at bulkhead
Number N & E at DB
Double off set within 250mm from top of trunking for conduit
Crimps for connections at heater and bulkhead CPC connection
P Clip to MI (not cable ties)
Check where you fit the bonding clamps (LOOK CAREFULLY)
MI neat on tray with correct bends
Learn the definitions on the items inspected schedule
Complete DB chart

Hope that helps


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