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In the room there is two holes in the ceiling

Below is a picture of the first hole
It only has two wires
The second hole has one wire

I think I am missing a wire for the switch?
Is it possible that this old house only has 2 wires?

When I turn on the electric, the light doesn't turn on
There is current in the wires because I have a device to check
Do I have to cut more holes to check for another wire?


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Possibly can you show the wiring at the switch. Whatever the outcome those cables need stripping back and the cpcs (earths) connecting.
It looks as though the wiring to the switch is missing.
The cable looks quite modern (new colours).
The earths in the ceiling rose should be connected to the big brass terminal.
Have you got a picture of the other hole with one wire?


Or it was the last light on the circuit, and one of those blue wires is sw live. But then it would have tripped or blown a fuse if switched on!
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Here's the wiring at the switch
I'll connect the earths now, I'll need to strip, would not connecting the earths stop the light from turning on?

Looks like I'll have to cut more holes for that missing a cable
Here's the other hole with one wire, I not sure if this is correct
Does 3 plated wiring only have 2 wires?

I think the second hole is the last light in the circuit
Due to its location and it only had one wire
The switch wire only goes to the first light in the circuit?
It doesn't trip

The text on the switch is



This is speculative but shouldn't cause a problem. Put the browns at both roses together at the terminal the brown from the flex is connected at. If this fails you need the services of an electrician as there has obviously been some modifications taken place. ISOLATE THE POWER FIRST.
CPC at switch?............Old colours at switch...new at lights....theres a jb somewhere that the cpc will have to be checked at as well
I think it may be worth getting an electrician in to rectify the problem cpc’s (Earth) should be continuous (connected together) electrician should not charge you much to sort it out and gives you peace of mind although if that’s just one light hopefully all the others aren’t the same?


Judging by the red singles in the switch this installation is very old. I suspect Diazed fuses are probably still in service, and the Earthing and bonding as well as meter tails are likely to be inadequate. The main protective conductor (neutralising link) may well also be undersized.

I would strongly recommend that a Registered Electrical Contractor be contacted and a Periodic Inspection Report be commissioned.
As Westward10 & Risteard said ^^^
Personally I would suspect that the switch wires goes into a junction box somewhere and the lights are fed from there, in which case the brown conductors should be looped together in the same terminal with the brown flex at the first ceiling rose, then the single brown and the the brown flex together in the same terminal at the last rose.
But my advice is to get in a spark to check it out as there are no cpc's connected which could/will be a problem especially if you have any metal fittings anywhere on this circuit. There could also be other defects which you may not be aware of that might affect the safety of this install.


Hidden junction box somewhere. Is there easy access from above?
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