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neil harding

New EF Member
Hi All, any chance of some advice please...i have a 2kw solar pv system fitted and was being monitored with the old style rotating disk meter....my energy FIT suppler (SSE) changed the old meter to the above (in the title)...now over the last year i have found my bills or direct debt (for import) energy has put me £500 in arrears...now before the meter change my direct debt for electricity was covering the cost ok ...i have read through the forums and found some information but not all ...so hopefully someone can fill in the gaps

the meter has flashed rEd since it was installed over a year ago (by SSE)...
I have NO alternating display indicating the direction of electrical flow (import or export )

so could the meter be faulty .....configured wrong .....or unstable for solar panels .....

could the export readings be accumulating as import readings

im trying to get my facts as correct as possible before contacting SSE

i have a separate meter inside the house that captures my export data from the inverter

hope this makes sense Neil

neil harding

New EF Member
Hi, Thanks for the reply ....that is something im going to look at tomorrow ....i will print off my bills and do a comparison...but my Direct debit has gone up from £66 a month to £121...and nothing much has changed in my household other than the meter change ...and after inquiring with SSE they said it was to cover the arias for the last year ...i think the price per KWhr has gone up by 2p tho

Gary K

Regular EF Member
Next sunny day,you could try turning everything off at the CU, except the breaker into which the solar is connected into, and see if your usage meter continues to rise at the same rate as your generation meter.
This will tell you whether your new meter is wired in and/or working correctly.
It could also be that your old meter was turning backwards before it was changed so not giving a true reading. Do you have bills before the solar system was fitted?

TJ Anderson

Forum Mentor
Gary K is spot on regarding the old analogue meter. They run backwards when exporting, literally winding the meter back! Good times lol. When I was fitting PV we had a few of those. The suppliers weren't that quick changing them and the customers loved it. There is no fault there, you just had it good for a while and now they have changed it you have to pay again like the rest of us :).

They meter that has been replaced is your incoming electricity meter. It will flash when you are using energy and will light continuously if you were not drawing anything or if you are exporting energy (generating more than you are using). The digital meter cannot run backward.

neil harding

New EF Member
thanks all for taking the time to respond, i dont recall the analog meter running backwards.....but i will also do the test by dropping all circuit beakers except the solar one

i have only one bill that is pre meter change

i have read that some how the export reading can show as import on some meters ....is this not the case


Electrician's Arms
Can you post a photo of your setup? Do you have one of the old setup?

Siemens meters have a reputation for double-clocking when PV is exporting. This doesn't apply in your case. I think Gary K has summed your situation up perfectly:

"It could also be that your old meter was turning backwards before it was changed so not giving a true reading."

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