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Maestro plug in ceiling rose

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As above, they were discontinued and apparently all retail stocks have been kdepleted.
They pop up for sale on eBay at a rate of about one a month, and seem popular - that may be the only source now, unless someone on here has one spare!
There are other 'plug-in' types available, but not to this exact design.
There are other 'plug-in' types available, but not to this exact design.

Some of the better options among those others have also been discontinued. Eaton (by far the best) are no longer manufactured. Crabtree are compatible with Eaton, and still listed in their catalogue, but very difficult to find anyone holding stock. MEM now branded Eterna aren't terrible, but I always approach with caution as cables are exposed behind cover and the odd stray strand can be waiting to bite. Hager seem to be the most widely available, but are shockingly poor in design and little better in terms of quality, although 7 pin version is okay. Another option is Prota, but again not widely stocked.
I have in the past with some bits found it can be worth contacting the manufacturer or their local sales rep they may still have the odd one or two languishing somewhere looking for a home
@diditrain if you are quick, there's one just up on FleaBay today!!


Perhaps some enterprising individual who's been reading this thread.

I'd half wondered if these were related to another plug in rose, but images in that auction show a very different terminal layout to any others I've encountered.

Average ebay price seems to be around £20. In the last couple of months they've sold from around £10 delivered to over £100!
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