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Hi all,

Due to a car crash a couple of years ago alongside a close friend dying in the same week happened at the same time as my job at the time being on a 3 monthly contract not extended. I needed some time off and since have beenself employed as a photographer and pyrotechnic crew member however both are not reliable forms of income and/or seasonal. I am now faced with working in a dead end retail position which is soul destroying; bringing in per month what i was previously bringing in per week. I cannot support my partner and I am having trouble trying to get back into the sparky industry as I am out of practice and have my 16th edition as most recent. My cscs card is also out of date and I feel I am in a viscious circle of not having the money to pay to get up todate etc.

Has anyone else been through similar or provide any help/advice on trying to get back into this line of work after 2 years out of it. I dont have my inspection testing 2391 certificate as I am petrified of exams and so this is no help either lol.

I am 24 and time served and I am just hoping I can speak to some like minded individuals on this forum as I am finding it hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel and in no way do I expect a job to be handed to me on a plate.

Any help and general chat or advice most welcome. Sorry for the waffle...I guess some success stories of returning to electrician work might inspire me :)
James :)
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I'm not a sparky but I know a couple ;-)
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Hello jameswantsajob, welcome aboard. Enjoy the forum. :D


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James, have you tried the jobcentre for funding for courses? worth a try. you need to start with 17th, and ecs card.


Hi Telectrix,

Job centre when I went to ask for job help told me they couldn't help unless I was unemployed which would be funny if I wasn't so miserable about the whole issue :)

Perhaps my local job centre has useless staff I don't know.

The cheapest I have found the 17th edition course is around £500. Do you know the price of the ecs card..apologies for my bad grouping with my previous message.


What electrical qualifications have you got James? Welcome to the forum./



This is just a section listed from my cv , so please ignore the firework related stuff :)

AdvancedApprenticeship Electrotechnical Services CompletedJun 2008
Installation(Buildings and Structures)
AchievementMeasurement 2 (AM2) September2007
City & GuildsLevel 3 November2005
Knowledge ofElectrical Installation Engineering
City &Guilds Level 3 November2005
ElectricalInstallations (BS7671)
Certificate of Basic Health & Safety Awareness (CSCS) January 2004
T.AS.C. Safe Use& Pre-Inspection of Harness November2008
Bovis IIF Training March2008
Hilti DX 357Training March2008
S.P.A. Safety passport Food Hygiene May 2008
Category 4Fireworks licence (proof of competence) May2008

My work history as follows...might as well stick it here for now so it answers some q's about the areas i have been in

MEAP, Manchester City Council June 2009 – January 2010 Unit 3,Tulketh St IndEst,Moston, Manchester, M410 9LY

Responsible forinstalling and maintaining assistive technology for a range of elderly anddisabled people in the Greater Manchester area. Visiting personal homes andcare homes and working within a psychologically and mentally challengingenvironment. Respectful of each individual’s personal circumstances rangingfrom epilepsy, hard of hearing and those with dementia amongst others, whilstsuccessfully completing my installations.

Protec Fire Detection Aug2008 - Mar 2009 Churchill Way,Nelson,Lancashire,BB9 6RT

Responsible forinstalling fire alarm cables and connecting up different types of devices suchas break-glasses, smoke head detectors and heat detectors in a variety ofdifferent buildings, often working to detailed drawing specifications. Othertasks included materials and stock control and on site customer service.

Piggott & Whitfield Sep 2003 - Jul 2008 Niagra Street,Heavily,Stockport,Cheshire,SK2 6HH

Whilstcompleting JTL electrician apprenticeship I worked on a variety of projectsfrom small pubs to large hospitals with varying degrees of responsibility. Someof the key projects included work at Manchester United Football Club, CarphoneWarehouse’s Call Centre, Barclays Bank, Kellogg’s and Scottish and NewcastleBrewery.

Hope that gives some insight



for some reason when i post my messages it appears to instantly group some words together but that might be due to the template i have used on my cv so apologies if it is difficult to read


Scouser and Proud of It
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james. college cost of 17th ( 2382) is about £250 including the exam cost. did mine at south cheshire college, crewe, evenings. the ecs is at lymm, cost £35 to take the exam. basic H&S multiple choice answers.


you need to start with 17th, and ecs card.
Hi Telectrix,

I should be able to fund to get up todate with the 17th edition and ecs card, Ive been looking at 1 day courses for the 17th edition and update courses as I did my 16th edition after 2001. If anyone knows of any companies that provide fast track refresher courses please could you let me know.

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