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I am wondering if anyone can name me a manufacturer that makes floodlights that work via a remote control and/or a remote PIR with a battery in it. I know they exist because I have come across such a system a while ago however I cannot remember the name.:confused:

The system I came across had two remote PIR`s on the side of a barn conversion. The PIRs were not 230v but battery operated. Then there were three floods (230v) which had IR sensors on to recieve a signal either from the PIR or from the remote control (which the home owner kept in his car). The floods were switched on at night if a presence was detected on the drive way or could be switched on and off via the remote control. It was a pretty good system.:D

Thanks in advance guys.
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Thanks Warren

I have been doing some "Googleing" and have found that Time Guard did but have now discontinued a range of equipment suitable to what I require.

I have spoken to my wholesaler and they can still get hold the range at good prices too.




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Theres something we fitted a while back that might help you out.

What it is is like a mini board which you put a main supply to then has the option for four outputs which are operated by remote control. Have fitted a few now, mainly for outside, garden lights etc. Cant remember the name but got them from a shop called Mr Resistor in Putney.

This might work....


I've fitted a few of the Mr resistor panels. Not cheap c.£100 or so for 4 circuits and each circuit has to be connected to the one receiver panel but wee buns to wire and programme. Ideal for garden stuff etc. Also came with a wall switch and a pocket remote control. The ones I've fitted have lasted prob free for a few years and I probably fitted them wrong a few times!!!

I've just re read that and an explanation for wee buns is it's a Northern Ireland expression for a piece of cake.
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I believe they are known as "wise boxes"


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I got mine from the electric ctr womsleys , outside light remote control and wire free switch to go inside £40 . easy to fit and set up


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