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Hi. I am wanting to install a regular single 13A socket (with RCD protection) near my boiler to power a Raspberry Pi, which draws comfortably less than 1A.

The boiler is on its own dedicated circuit protected by a 5A MCB at the CU and a 3A fused double-pole isolation switch next to the boiler itself. Boiler manual states power consumption of 152W so also less than 1A.

Is there any reason why I cannot add this new socket? And should I spur from the supply or load side of the isolation switch? Obviously the MCB (and/or switch fuse) would trip if anything more power-hungry was plugged into the new socket, but it will be inside a cupboard in the corner of a room, so wouldn't be much use for anything else anyway!

Thanks in advance! :D


That is not a suitable way of powering a socket.
You could put another fcu on the same circuit and that would be ok.
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Hi - the cable from the Consumer Unit may be the small 1mm type that’s used for lighting and it’s been repurposed to the boiler with a 3A fuse. We should not put a normal 13A outlet on that type of cable, sorry. An Electrician could tell you which cable has been installed and hopefully give you a cheap upgrade path.
Thanks for the responses, I understand. I will call someone in as it's not quite as straightforward as I was hoping. Hopefully there will be a quick and simple (and cheap!) solution. Thanks again (y)

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