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I have had an enquiry about a door entry system to a block of 8 flats. the stair well lighting for the block is fed from the next block.

Is the correct procedure to get a metered supply installed from the distrubutor in the block to feed a 2 way DB? There is a spare way on the service head which supplies the 8 flats.

Another option would be to take a supply from the stairwell DB in the next block. Not very convenient though.

Advice from anyone with good experience with door entry installs and supplies would be appreciated.


Steve Stuart


The normal method is to use a landlords supply for power to the door entry system. Where is the stair lighting coming from? You should probably use the same source.

Frankly the amount of power consumed is very small when the lock isn't being operated. When the lock is being operated then probably less than 600mA at 12V DC (at most). Unless it's Fort Knox :)

All the best

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