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I thought I would have a quick practise in my house with my new wall chaser, the metabo mfe40 fitted with the triple blade and attached to the dust extractor.

Wow!! I love it.

Half the chase I did with just the sds, the other half with the metabo. The chase is 20mm deep and 30mm wide. The metabo chase on the the right took 2 minutes and left virtually zero mess. The sds chase on the left took 3 minutes and I still have about 2 minutes to go (its not finished), plus it left loads of mess. (see picture)


They both gave off a similar amount of dust. Before I bought the tooI I wondered how the triple blade actually took out the middle of the chase and didn't just cut a third groove in the middle. The segments of all three of the blades are offset with each other so in effect it is 6 blades cutting through. It can leave a very, very thin bit of chase, so thin that it just crumbles with a slight brush of your finger, so nothing to worry about. I wonder how long the blade will last.

Very impressed 🙂

The only downside is I've just priced all the chases for my upcoming rewire out to a labourer so wont actually get to use it! 😞
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