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Hi all and happy new year!

Who's responsibility is it to notify building control of notifiable work,
the customer ordering the work or the electrician carying out the work?
and where does it officially state this?
I am confused:confused:

A customer has asked me to carry out work that is notifiable but does not want "to bother with building control".
I am not yet part of a scheme, any advice please,
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I have read somewhere that it is actually the responsibility of the homeowner to inform LABC.

The same as if they were having structural work done.

I would still inform them myself though.


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Failure to comply with the Building Regulations is a
criminal offence and local authorities have the
power to require the removal or alteration of
completed work that does not comply with these
The person carrying out electrical work that
contravenes the Building Regulations can be fined
up to £5,000 for the contravention, and £50 each
day the contravention continues. Householders
may also encounter problems selling their property
if work carried out does not comply with the
Building Regulations. The householder is
ultimately responsible for ensuring that all building
work, including electrical work, complies with the
Building Regulations.

Published By the ECA Part P of the Building Regulations Explained.

Either way its in both parties interest to notify the LABC.

Like Jason said if the customer can't be bothered you could tell them that they are responsible for it, or if you don't want to upset the customer just do it for them.

Least it will show the customer that -

a). your a professional spark taking care of everything for them
b). you get familiar with the guys at LABC with may help for future jobs.
Ultimatly notifying the LABC is the resonsability of the homeowner, but you can do it as their agent, but don't forget the fee! £70 in my area and its the applicant that pays.


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Ok very informative, thank you for the prompt and informed responses.

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