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Anyone have any experience with cheap gu10 leds on ebay? How do they compare to the branded versions?
Any info would be appeciated


have you got a link. ? some of the ebay ones are good and some are pants. i would only buy from a UK based company, so as to bed able to get redress if they're duff.

mark ju

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Dont buy the ones from china, s**te they are. Tried some just to see if any good. First ones packed up within a week. No response from sellers.


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You get what you pay for I'm afraid.

I've installed a number of these El Cheapo LED's and there is around a 30% failure rate within two months. Never had any response from supplier when asked for a replacement or refund, but they are that cheap in comparison it matters little really.

If you want quality, pay for the Philips or similar these are fantastic lamps with excellent light quality and a guaranteed life cycle, however you will have to pay big style.


Advent Win
I've tried cheap GU10 LED lamps on 3 separate occasions and I wasted my money on them all. At least 3 went bang after a few days, leaving black sooty deposits. One didn't work from the off. All had very poor build quality.

Also, the light output from the cheaper ones, in my experience, is far below the levels of th emore expensive items. Some are very poor in lumen output.

In contrast, the good quality (GE I think) ones I have used have lasted many many months and are visibly better built. Daz


Cannot see that much of a saving, branded LED lamps are so cheap now i see no reason why you would fit unbranded stuff.
I dont fit anything i cannot return if it fails, simply because I lose money on it. If a customer can buy LEDs for a couple of quid each then they can buy them and as long as they comply i will install them.
However i tell them up front that if or when they fail, and they call me thinking its my fault. I will charge them a call out fee when i discover its the cheap led lamps they bought!


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I like mega man lamps, not one failed yet.


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I've used the China ones from ebay for about 12months and I have had only one failure out of over 100, a refund was issued straight away. Even IKEA are switching all their bulbs to LED, tried 3 they are c**p. LEDs are much cheaper now and so I use LED Hut. Great service and full guarantee. I wonder were they are made?

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