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Installing 2 new 17th ed boards this week & Wanting to get your advice on earthing.

I usually connect the main equipotential conductors to the earth terminal in the board and then, if TT like this, from the earthing terminal to the rod. But this place has 24 circuits so i need 2 boards.

The earthing terminals in each board have one for the rod, and 2 for bonding. Would it be ok to put one of the bonding conductors in each board and use the second bonding terminal to interlink the 2 with 16mm G&Y, and have the Rod connected to the first CUs earthing terminal.

Bit of a headache to understand I know..in a nut shell, can i get around not having those ugly Earthing blocks with lots of G&Y???

Thanks all!
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Don't see why not! All sounds acceptable to me, as long as each board has a 16mm main earth it doesn't matter if one is linked to the other.

salisbury spark

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Agree with last post terminate in CCU ok - Joints are still available for inspection and testing so why not?
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Hi, 24 Circuits ? jesus you better be charging them for that.Make sure you test every circuit.What sort of property is it ??


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Why not use a separate main earthing terminal (8 way) fixed near to the boards and run all your bonding, main earthing conductor + 16mm for each board to it. Don't forget to stick the label on. Keeps it less congested in the boards


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agree with the above, whack in a main earthing terminal in addition to the consumer units, run some 6mm or 10mm to each DB
By the sounds of it its a big property.
i'd suggest treating each board as a seperate entity and have 2 earth rods. One for each board. If on testing you find you get a poor ze, then you can link the 2 and improve your results, at little cost and time. Plus good practice. one board supply does not interfere with the other.


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Cheers guys, I think it will be better to have the bonding conductors to go to a seperate earthing terminal. It is a huge istallation. The bloke has more money than sense... electric gates, hot tub, spa baths, 16 zone alarm...4 tier stone fountain!!! madness! Can't wait to sign it all off and be done with it, but can only do the dead tests, until DNO come out and intall a new external meter box, and hopefully change it to PME! But they seem to be affraid of scaffolding!
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