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ive got my ECS test tomorrow so thought id give a mock test a quick go, how is it possible to fail these with questions like this

Q:6-Which of the following would NOT make a load easier to handle manually?
Mark one answer:

Painting it a bright colour
Securing the load so that it does not shift unexpectedly
Reducing its weight
Providing suitable handles or hand grips

Q:1-In hot weather which one of the following is correct with regard to safety helmets?
Mark one answer:

You can take off your helmet while working inside the building
You must continue to wear your helmet
You can drill holes in your safety hat for ventilation
You do not need to wear your helmet

Q:1-A colleague has drilled holes in the top of his safety helmet because the weather is hot. Is this:
Mark one answer:

Acceptable if the holes are small
His choice
In breach of legal requirements

:10-In which of the following ways should you wear your safety helmet?
Mark one answer:

With the peak raised to deflect falling material
With the helmet back to front
With the peak raised to give good vision
Square on your head, properly adjusted


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I can see why these questions are so ridiculously easy. No one wants a complete moron in this trade. These questions filter out these people the quickest way. You know these people? The ones that cant count up to six without taking their socks off.
The half morons that do get through the ECS then have to work out how to read a book properly.
Now we're getting to the people that are really dangerous. The ones that don't know their morons.
They don't know. Not until they come on here and ask a silly question.
Then someone enlightens them with the cold hard facts


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They do slip a few in the hardest questions i had were..

How frequentley should a first aider recieve training.
1 year
2 years
3 years
4 years

What height should a platform be lowerd to on a mobile scaffold tower before moving.
2 metres
3 metres
4 metres
5 metres
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When I did mine I saw a guy just across the room sit down and literally 5 minutes later he stood up and left. I was amazed and overcome with respect for such an intellect, until I realised that I could see his screen from where I sat and it was clearly still at the initial login screen.
Perhaps he forgot how to spell his own name? :confused:

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