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We've had our Electrical Videos section running for a while now and we proudly host a massive 4 videos. Whaaaat? Only 4?!?!​

Apparently so. Just the 4 then. The rest being embedded.

Electrical Videos | Electricians Forums Videos

Uploaded media: 4
Embedded media: 116
Comments: 62

Wondering if we can all give this a bit of a nudge and add all and any electrical videos you have on your devices. Perhaps you have already added them to YouTube or some other media site and can simply quickly embed them to our forum so our members can comment on them without needing to be registered to the existing host etc.

Also, the new forum software has an awesome layout for the videos and comments. The developers are really working hard on this area of the forums as every single device that's viewing forums these days is also a video camera.

Electricians Forums Videos

How to add an electrical video to the forum​

To add an electrical video to the forum simple visit the Video area, and click "Add Media".

Electrician's Videos | Electrical Videos and How-To Guide Vlogs - https://www.electriciansforums.net/media/

Hoping we can double our 4 videos this month lol :D

Will see eh?


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Apologies for moaning then. I didnt spot the big red box that clearly states arms :p

Can you clarify how the arms works? Is it a sub section of the forum under the drop down section, just like all the others? I can't seem to see it from the drop down
Actually I had the same question. I, ve looked under all the different forum sections and headings and I, ve also searched past posts for explanationsof what "Arms", "esteemed" etc and other titles signify and how they are achieved and its still not entirely clear to me. So if anyone has any info on the subject, please let us know


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Anyone have any ideas why the video wont post?

Trying to help spark some interest in the video section
Can you try upload the video now for me mate?
Also, perhaps try a different file version (although MP4 should be fine)

What is the size of the file/video?


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re Arms. scroll down the forums to the 2nd yellow heading bar. then it's 6 lines down.

The Electricians Arms Threads3.5K Messages60.6K

I have now changed the URL (web address) to the Electricians Arms.

You just add /arms to the end of the domain / website now.

So it's electriciansforums.net/arms

That will load the arms for you.

Just thought it would be quicker for people who have access.

Perhaps even bookmark that URL in your phone or whatever. :)

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