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I am currently doing the 2330 c&g level 2 year 2 and have been given an assignment to do.

anybody got any ideas

An existing commercial electrical installation is situated an a busy precint. The installation has a butchers and fresh vegetablesection, The shop has been open for 28 years and has never been completely rewired. The owner wants a new freezer installing and is taking the oppurtunity to have an assessment.

I need to produce an assignment stating why I would do a complete rewire. It needs to be clear so a non electrician can understand.
I need to take into account

cables are thermoplastic
protective devise bs3036
many cables are surface mounted and within touching distance
There are a number of trailing leads in use
The supply is 3phase, four wire TN-S.

I haven't wrote much but am seriously running out of ideas.

Sorry to have bored you all but if anyone can help it would be a big help.

I have a bit of info on the bs3036 but that is it.

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Just glanced at the post but 28 years old is a good reason and trailing cables (H&S) and with multiple fridge units etc there is a chance of extra condensation build up around the multi gang trailing sockets. if the client has surface mounted wirng already he wont mind conduit or trunking so rewire can be done quick and cheaper.

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