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Discuss Need help/advice, insure of what the problem is and think I’m being ripped off in the Electrical Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net


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hi all,

Today I had an electrician come around a rental property of mine and swap the faces of a few double sockets and light switches, he done this and everything was fine the sockets worked and light switches worked fine, as he was finishing up he was changing the lightbulb as he unscrewed the bulb the electric tripped and now every time I switch the consumer unit on the RCD trips so no power is going to the onsumner unit it is all a very old system and needs upgrading but he seemed stumped and clues less as of what has happened and why this problem had emerged and the property is now left with no lights or sockets, ill attach some photos of the set up, but as I can describe it the mains power goes to a rcd then from the rcd to an very old consumer unit with wire fuse, power is going in and back out of the rcd and into the consumer unit but when the consumer unit is then switched on the rcd trips

In the picture the top white metal box of the consumer unit

The guy I had to do the work is now explaining to me that because the switches are new and pull more power it has caused the cable to heat up and I need a complete re-wire, I just feel that I’m being ripped off.




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he's dropped a bollox with the work he has done.. created a fault where there was none before. suggesting a rewire is rubbish until or unless he's tested the whole installation to see if it's safe. maybe an upgrade to the CU is the way forward, but.i'd get a 2nd opinion before parting with the contents of your wallet.


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You should definitely get a full EICR done, an inspection and test of the whole system. I wouldn't be renting that house out with the consumer units and associated equipment in that condition.

Having said that the reason the electrician gave you is bullcrap. Could be as easy to sort as replacing the lamp holder, but you will have a better idea after it is all tested.


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What a load of b------ks! Light switches drawing more load causing cables to heat up!!!

Certainly looks like the switch gear needs upgrading but final circuits look like T&E so unlikely a rewire is required!

Probably just grazed a conductor in a socket or switch box with plate screw, causing RCD to trip!


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Switches don’t take any load, so he’s pulling your leg there.

The grey twin&earth cable is probably fine as it is, but a new consumer unit with built in RCBO protection for each circuit would be a lot neater than what’s there.

Get someone else to do an EICR


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Thank you all for the reply, I certainly agree with all of you and some replies made me laugh, but sadly the problem is still here, update on the situation ...

All the double sockets and light switch face plates was taken off and the new light fitting that was fitted has been taken down, still the electric is not turning on and tripping, there is a lot of work to be going on I’m the next few days and working electric is crucial with tenants moving in the end of the month, agreed the consumer unit needs upgrading but had anyone any idea what the problem is he has caused to try and fix this as he’s standing here doing the same thing over and over replying he hasn’t a c,he why it’s done that and is saying a cable could have burned out somewhere hence why it needs a compete rewrite and consumer unit upgraded


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Even without test equipment one could at least isolate individual circuits in an attempt to pin down the circuit that is causing the problem.
If he is saying a rewire is needed in an effort to gain work then you need shot of him.
If he is saying a rewire is needed because he doesn't know how to find and rectify the fault, then he is incompetent and you need shot of him.


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Hi Sam - sorry to hear of your troubles. You are right to be sceptical, in my opinion his story is a fairytale.

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