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Guys just realised this Forum exists and looking for bit of support . Just passed C G's Part P , 17th Edition and Inspection and Testing recently and now have my NAPIT assessment two weeks today hence writing this message at daft o clock as nerves really starting to kick in already .

1.Is there anybody out there recently undergone an assessment that can give me any top tips for my half day assessment ?

2.One of my jobs that I am doing is 2fluorescents tube lights in loft and currently got total mental block about where to wire switch ? Is it direct into fluorescent and if so where is the connection and how do loop in to the other fitting or should I use the central joint box method ? Fantastic training in passing exams but doesn't buy experience or time on the tools eh ?

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Hi there and welcome to the forum.
You need to get your basic understanding up to a reasonable level so that you can answer the (normally fairly straightforward) questions they will ask at the assessment.
You should have had a list of the items you will need for your assessment from Napit and just go through this and check off everything.

Make sure your jobs are tip top and fully certified and that you are prepared to justify your choices.

Wire the light switch in the body of the fluorescent using an additional terminal block or Wago/Line connector as required.

The Assessment is not that hard but you do need to be able to find answers in the books if you do not know them of the top of your head.
Relax calm down and think about what you are doing with a fresh look.
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