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I bought my house 11 months ago with no issues, after a few months everything metal in the kitchen starting giving me an electric shock when touched. After a few more months this stopped on its own, and has recently started again. We realised that it only happens when not wearing shoes, if that helps. Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Thankyou.


Had a job like this a few years ago customer reporting shocks from sink or metal appliances for 2 years

I was 7th electrician to look at this and spent 10 mins trying to measure this voltage before I started digging got 70v rising quickly to 120v then settled at 230 ish

found it in a few mins, went to check incoming supply polarity

earthing was originally TT spike still intact and the conductor was still connected into an earth block

I could see it was now TNCS
and outside 10 ft away was a new looking Tx on a pole and supply cable, asked the customer how old it was....
"2 years" .......

Tested polarity nothing unusual and did same again using the TT earth got L and N both at 230v to earth

Called Western Power got them out to check, showed him what I'd found he went straight to the Tx and checked

Lots of muttered excuses about the wind blowing a "Stay" loose in the Tx

I watched him change the connection to tap and said show me the bit that's been blowing about mate
His colleague started laughing and admitted it was connected up wrong.


There is always a reason. Not always a good reason mind!

Some folks don't check the CPC integrity, and even if it is OK, checking the CPC potential to true Earth (as what is probably under the concrete floor) is not always done.

My only experience of that was a mate's father's home, said he got shocks from the garage door. Turned out no incoming supply earth to MET connection and recently an electric fire was added that the fixing screw managed to puncture the live. Result was whole house at 230V :(

No idea if it was just missing at the start, or some muppet had removed it for whatever reason.


update. went round this morning. this is what i found:

mem rewireable CU. all outgoing cables no sheath inside enclosure, holes in to IP00, could park a bus in them.but the main fault was the 6.0mm main earth cable . comes out of MET up behind CU and instead of connecting to the CU E bar, it loops round and back to MET. cut and connected correctly and fault cleared. then. 1 light circuit had a 30A fuse carrier bodged in ( the blades are thicker, so it was hanging by a thread, just making contact. must have disturbed it when i took the cover off, so then sparks fron the fuse. correct 5A fuse was lying in bottom of cabinet. fitted that with a new fuse wire and lights on no problems. total time on site 90 minutes.

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