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Afternoon knowledgeable ones.

I want to do some indoor craft markets over Christmas selling milkshakes and need to power a mixer 350w and a baine marie 250w.

Ive enquired about plugging in to the mains but most organisers cant answer if i can do this. So i need to have a cunning plan B.

I'm trying to establish if i could run these 2 items of a leisure battery and inverter. Obviously the milkshake machine would only run for very small amount of time. Assume max of 50 shakes so total run time equates to say 30 mins and the baine marie (although on all the time only heats up when the temperature drops)

Any ideas on battery size and inverter required?

Additionally if using this set up indoors can i put it in some sort of box rather than having cables trailing?

Many thanks in advance for info


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I would use a 1000 watt inverter with an 88Ah (common size) leisure battery, this should work assuming an 8 hour days use. If you want to put it in a box, it will need ventilation holes to allow the inverter to cool and also need to be strong as the battery is no lightweight!. Also worth investing in a smart charger for the battery as you can leave it plugged in 'til battery needed again.


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I would second Robotstar's advice but are you sure the bain marie is only 250 watts? It's possible but it sounds a bit low to me.


88Ahr. is no where near big enough for an 8Hr. day. It would give 2.5Hrs. if you were lucky.
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