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I need to pull the 100A fuse to change the consumer unit for my Part P assessment. The DNO is UKPowerNetworks and the electricity supplier is SSE. Both companies tell me that it is the others responsibility to pull the fuse. I am going around in circles. Any hep would be appreciated.
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it's DNO's responsibility. you can ask for an isolator at the same time, usually chargeable.
In 25 years I have never once asked for a Dno to pull a cutout fuse unless it was damaged or looked very old and needed replacing...
Nowadays i think it’s pretty common to ask for an isolators switch.


Its a shame its not SSE as your DNO, their policy is to allow Scheme members to pull main fuses, for works. Have you tried to find out what UKPowerNetworks is? And don't ring them, you'll just get fobbed off.
If you're not confident about pulling the fuse then ask the property owner to contact the energy supplier and get isolator switch fitted before board change.


Why the hell not?
Because they say so in thier own load of -------- way? I've read it and find it daft but hey ho, until someone gets killed because of bureaucracy like they're on about, it won't change, you'll have more chance of getting utilities back under nationalisation

I should add that I'm only commenting on the UKPN stance and the TLDR isn't my blanket consideration. If you can do so and do so safely then pull that sucker and put in an appropriately rated isolator but as we know there is no consistency across DNOs, some will let you, others was wont and no one is going to try thier luck in court and play chicken with the DNO to get them to defend thier standpoint.


You’ve never had a cut out flash over then?
Having pulled over 10,000 fuses in my previous role working for one of the big six, I never once had a flashover. It is rarely practical to wait for the DNO to turn up to remove the fuse.

The real risk comes with the old metal clad cutout types, that are often unearthed, where it is possible for debris to fall down into the carrier upon removal of the cover, causing a flashover. These should be treated with real care as although I have never been unfortunate enough to experience such an occurrence, I know plenty of people who have. Full visor, 1000v rated and gauntlet gloves should be worn when dealing with such equipment.

I am not here to advocate the pulling of fuses without permission, but we all know it goes on, and most would be lying if they said they had never done it. If you are going to do it, at least do it safely - and get yourself a shroud (ITL make a good one, as with all of their gear).

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