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Hi Guys,

I'm studding 2357 L3 and have assignment to do(one of the first few), I need some info out of reg's on SWA(requirements for termination/ connection, methods of excavation, requirements for sleeving, ducting). all I managed to find was "522 selection and erection" in reg's, but nothing specific to SWA in reg's and OSG.
Can someone drop me a hint where to look for that kind of info.

Thanks in advance.
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Richard Burns

The information in the regs tends to apply no matter what cable you are using, obviously with lots of exceptions for specific installation methods and current carrying capacity. So looking at the requirements in chapter 52 is applicable to SWA, unless otherwise specified.
Termination, connection, excavation, sleeving and ducting are all very similar for all cables.
The specifics for SWA are the earthing of the armour, glanding, consideration of the electromagnetic effects of the armour, that it is suitable for direct burial, and that SWA has an earthed metallic sheath enclosing the conductors, which meets specific requirements for omitting RCD protection.

The methods of installation for various cables are covered in Appendix 4 section 7 of BS7671.
The electricains Guide to the building regs has some useful information for external power in section 5.7.
The OSG has some information on installation methods in appendix D.

However to get specific information for handling armoured cable this would be part of your practical training.
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Details about running it underground are in the Special Locations section of the Electrician's guild to Building Regulations book.


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Thanks a lot guys, now it made sense. as I was a bit lost how to search and find all.

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