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I am wiring a house that wants HD freesat. The TV guy who is doing the job for the customer is away and I can't contact him. I need to finish the first fix as I said I will do it as he was away!

My plan is to run 2 co-ax (sat grade) from the loft to a distribution point, then 2 cables to 3 different points in the house.

Got a little confused as there is just a rubbish complicated note explaining what is meant to be installed giving acronyms and part numbers (!) , could just do with a simple diagram for a simple spark. Customer believes a CAT5e needs to go in, I don't know what for if it is for the TV or something different. HELP!


I use an HDMI over CAT5e box it comes from an HDMI splitter out of my sky box then runs up the CAT5 and into the reciever box in our bedroom so we can watch HD upstairs. We change the channel via the coax and magic eye still and still get the sky over coax if we want or HDMI.

I'm sure all of the above is of no use to you, but a simular setup might have been discussed with the customer?
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