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Hi guys (and girls). It's come to my attention that a thread was posted with regards to female electricians who had an article posted about them in various news formats online and offline. The thread while I'm sure was started with good intentions to cause general discussion on such a topic in the industry, actually end up slating the girls, girls in general, 'newbies', and all sorts.

It's not fair on the girls, any newbies whether female or male, or any employer of said types of electricians who I'm sure value their knowledge and the fact that they're training and gaining valuable experience.

NICEIC have provided a statement which reads as follows: -

In reaction to comments regarding the Elecchicks following a recent news article, NICEIC wishes to clarify that they are fully registered with our domestic installer scheme. Since 1956, NICEIC have consistently pressed for the very best technical standards and assessments for the electrical contracting industry. This has not changed. Anyone registered with NICEIC will undergo stringent checks on any electrical installation work, as well as site visits, an assessment on company procedures and knowledge of industry standards.
NICEIC’s Jobs for the Girls campaign is focused on creating a level playing field for women who want to join our fantastic industry. We can confirm that the Elecchicks kindly agreed to help with the campaign and are fully NICEIC certified. Unfortunately, the article referred to in this thread has missed some important details about their experience prior to joining the industry. NICEIC is concerned that Leah and Christine are now receiving criticism which is totally unjustified and NICEIC fully supports them as registered, competent electricians.

To clarify, we do not believe that you can become a fully qualified electrician in five weeks and we strongly believe that apprenticeships are still the very best start in the electrical contracting industry.

However I'd like to also add to that.

electriciansforums.net is a place you've all built up (time-served and newbies, both male and female) and is meant to be a main hub for you to chat about anything and everything electrical. There are areas of the forum where jokes are allowed, but make it clear they're jokes. I'm sure all will join in on the fun. Though in the public forums, we need to make sure we're keeping the high standard of quality content that we're all used to. We have less professional competitor forums you can join if you're just here to slate people in any way shape or form.

You've made this forum pretty cool over the years and it's a shame to spoil it for the sake of a few really bad jokes, or in this case, outright sexist remarks.

Please make sure you're aware of the forum rules which area really really simple to understand: Forum Rules - Electricians Forum | Electrical Advice Forum | An electrical forum for electricians in the UK | Electricians Forum
Which states a strict but simple 'be nice' policy. Just be nice on the forum and word your threads constructively and they'd not need to be removed. I don't want to keep removing discussion, it's what we're all here for.

If any of this isn't clear enough for you, or you don't understand the rules, email me [email protected] and I'll explain anything for you.


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Reply to Elecchicks Story in News - NICEIC Statement in the Certification NICEIC, NAPIT, Stroma, BECSA Forum area at ElectriciansForums.net

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