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  1. Dan

    Find Unanswered Threads: Help the forum out by answering unanswered threads

    On this forum it doesn't seem to be long before a thread gets a reply. Well done to you all for doing that. You're magical. But for those who want to join in doing this, here's how. You can either find this thread and then CLICK HERE to show you the list of unanswered threads. Or from...
  2. Dan

    Follow people; and now you can have alerts when they post new content (videos, threads, replies, etc) Checkout this area, this is the people you follow. If you'd like to, you can change alert options for each one. So you get different alerts for each member you follow. :)
  3. Pete999

    can't React to new threads

    Hope this is the right Forum. but can't react to new threads, asked before, but in the wrong Forum.
  4. Dan

    Certsure Certsure: Where are the threads about Certsure?

    Certsure: Where are the threads about Certsure? Considering this company own pretty much all certification companies. And perhaps are trying to own the last couple to dominate the market? We don't have anymore than a single thread using the name 'certsure' in the title! What's that all about...
  5. Dan

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back. But thanks to those who contribute to the forum by way of Upgrading Their Account to a Subscribed Member it is now using the all singing all dancing enhanced searching feature, rather than just using the thread titles...
  6. Dan

    Australia Country Prefixes for Threads Now Available

    As well as Country Flags now running because of the face we're a Global Electrical Forum now. We now also have thread prefixes. Like the one I've used for this thread that says Australia. Use those if you need advice for a country you are in but you have disabled your flag for whatever...
  7. happyhippydad

    How to see past threads you have done?

    I can see how to look at past posts but not past started threads (that I have done). Anyone point me in the right direction please?
  8. pirate

    And following on from previous threads re Screwfix...

    There was a recent thread here alternately slagging/praising Screwfix. I would like to report that Screwfix recently donated a four figure sum to the Men's Shed charity branch where I am involved, and the first digit wasn't a 1. Maybe rounding up your online orders to the nearest pound isn't a...
  9. Dan

    Uploading videos directly to threads coming soon!

    With this forum version, I'll be releasing features every couple of weeks. The next one that's coming is the ability to upload videos directly into threads. Should help in places videos are better than pictures to get a better understanding of where a cable comes from and goes to (hard to tell...
  10. happyhippydad

    testing to see if I can still post threads

    Just installed an ad blocker and tried to post something and I couldn't, so having a practise thread......
  11. happyhippydad

    Pete's threads.... ooops, I mean this reminds me of Pete.... or perhaps Tel!

    Pete can't post all the clips, here's one I came across! I like the chap. A cross between Pete and Tel perhaps :D I think you need to have had a few beers as it goes on for a bit.
  12. D

    Consumer Unit Feed

    I've got an awkward job approaching where the consumer unit is to be relocated due to a semi-detached house being knocked into one. It's currently fed via a kmf & 16mm t&e, with a seperate 16mm earth. When the consumer unit is relocated, this wont be long enough, and even if it was this would...
  13. W

    Newly Qualified

    Hello, I am a newly qualified electrician (6 months ago). I did a 4 year apprenticeship. I am really struggling at the moment, I feel like I don't know basic things that I should be expected to know. I did 2 years of my apprenticeship working at a housing association and then moved to finish...
  14. A

    JTL NVQ 3 portfollio help

    I was wondering if anyone here can help with the JTL NVQ 3 portfollio job write ups as i am slightly confused on what to write for some of the units.Thanks
  15. Pete999

    New Posts

    8 new posts showing seems I'm getting an awful lot of Dan posts as some have sugested
  16. G

    Pricing advice

    Hi, I am fitting out a new cattle shed with 12 led tube lights in 3 rows each switched separately, 2 led floodlights switched separately, 2 way consumer unit, 7 double sockets, conduit running between every light light and socket, approx 120 meters of conduit fitted, power done by previous...
  17. 2

    Going self-employed as a domestic electrician

    20alActive EF Member Hello everyone, I need some advice. I am a 61 year old apprentice served electrician. I have been " in the game for 45 years ". Mostly I have been employed by companies in the commercial and industrial side. After arecent illness and a lot of thought I've decided I don't...
  18. P

    Installation test meter

    I have been looking on eBay at the various meters for sale, have a general preference for fluke. Can anybody recommend a good all round model for general testing. Thanks
  19. S

    Mystery wiring - seen anything like this before?

    Hands up, I'm just a domestic spark, but the gym where I train wants to put in a boxing ring and these are in the way. The cable is sheathed and I haven't taken the whole thing to bits but I've never seen anything like these twenty terminations. Apparently the building, which is on a racecourse...
  20. i=p/u

    Form filling info

    Has anyone made an updated sheet for form filling or direct me to the old page
  21. Midwest

    On-Site Guide (BS 7671:2008 Wiring Regulations, incorporating Amendment 3:2015)

    Boring thread. I decided to give in and purchase a copy of the above publication. Give in, in that I understand there are a couple of errors in it, rectified by errata sheets etc. I see the IET site has the ISBN as 978-1-84919-887-5. Does anyone know if this is the latest print? I understand...
  22. sparksburnout

    The "NEW" banner

    Now, I know I am easily upset, but I find the "new" banner, which covers over some of the text in postings, just ever so slightly irritating. I keep trying to scroll across to see whats under it, is it just me?
  23. darkwood

    Rogue Traders 02.11.16

    Just watch some pushy scam company trying to scare an old lady about the fire risks of electrics .. he got an inspection of her electrics done which said that she needed a few front plates changing and a new board... HOW MUCH!!!!!!!... £2500!!!! I hate scum like this :mad:
  24. C

    New member intro apparently a bit late

    This is for you Dan ;):p I am not one to post much on forums, normally i prefer to just steal everone elses information but the main man has sent me a message urging me to post an intro so here goes. Fairly new to the industry having realised a few years ago delivery work wasn't supporting my...
  25. GMES

    We're Back

    So boys and Girls we are back in business, and it is nice to see members piling back on. One positive thing to come out of the latest downtime is the amount of members that contacted me by whatever means available asking me what was happening and when it would be fixed and mainly how much they...
  26. C

    Hello :)

    Good evening all, I no electrician and I don't pretend to be I used to work as a chef mainly two rosette restaurants until I was diagnosed with a stage 2 brain stem tumour and for the passed year been having radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment about five months ago bought a two bed mid...
  27. M


    hi Looking at geting myself a new van - I currently have a Citeron Dispatch 2004. Wondering if anybody new of any good deals that companys are doing for new vans? Thanks
  28. H

    Best Ladders for Electricians?

    Hi Looking to buy another set of ladders soon and was wondering if there are ladders that people recommend. Cheers
  29. J

    Electricians Mate Electricians Mate Suffolk Bury

    Hi All As the title says I'm looking for a position ideally in and around Bury, I put a post in the newcomers section with a few more details but I thought this might be a more appropriate place for my inquiry. Hello All Suffolk and Good. -...
  30. H

    New Van - Which is best for an electrician? Caddy, Transit?

    Hi Thinking of getting a new van and was hoping somebody could recommend somewhere that does long term hire that includes insurance. Needs to me a small van but lwb, such as VW caddy or Transit connect. Thanks
  31. A

    Pme and hot tubs

    Hiya all So on a pme system you can either use the earth from the cu and essentially export pme to the tub. Not against the regs afaik. Or tt the tub. Is there any tests that can be done (like the 23k ohms test) that will give a definite answer as to what method to use? For the people who...
  32. W

    Controllable Electric Car Charger?

    I have a Nissan Leaf and Solar Panels. So I'd like to be able to automatically charge the car when the solar panels are causing a net export of power to the grid. I already divert excess power to our immersion heater, using a home made, micro-controller based system that 'watches' the LED on the...
  33. happyhippydad

    How To See Your Previous Started Threads?

    Before the changes you could get a list of all the threads you had started (as well as your posts). I can only find how to see my posts, not my started threads. Any idea if this is still possible?
  34. B

    Old conduit thread size

    Hi, I don't have much electrical knowledge so am looking to get some advice Does anyone know if old conduit loop in boxes take a different size screw than m4. I tried an m4 brass screw but this was too small - not sure if it is just damaged threads or if a different size screw used to be...
  35. ses

    For sale multiple items tools

    Brand new Wera Kraftform screwdriver set Brand new naked dewalt DCL510N led torch naked in box Unused Bosch 3.6v screwdriver with charger, case, 2 li-ion batteries and bit set Dewalt 110v angle grinder Green fibre glass insulated steps Little giant ladders silver version Dewalt work...
  36. R

    Commercial 3 phase

    could someone please help me with calculating current in a balanced 3phase system as im more on the industrial side of electronics with being a railway engineer in a balanced 3 phase wye delta system the sourcehas an abc phase sequence and VAN =120v 4o* V RMS. the line and load impedencies are...
  37. M

    132 Million for Solar Industry damages

    Solar industry defeats Government in £132m High Court damages case - Nextgen Any chance of some tort cases from those of us still trading ?
  38. T

    overseas work

    prob somewhere I should have posted but I couldn't find it!!!! Can anyone direct me to an agency that is worth contacting for overseas work? All the ones I can find on the net seem to be a pile of bull. cheers guys matt
  39. B

    lighting circuit problem

    hi avery1 need your help I done newrewire problem with lighting circuit,insulation resistance betweenLN-earth IS 120 using megger mft1533,and same problem with samecircuit getting 48volts between switch wire and earth with switchesoff...please p;ease help me :crazy:
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