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Hey folks, just to let you know i have just this instant applied to be assessed by Elecsa.

Are any of you registered with Elecsa and if so how did your assessments go? what kind of thing were they checking up on?

many thanks.
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Did mine last year.
A couple of other sparks I know had ELECSA assessments at the same time and all of us passed but its seems it was down to the individual assessor on the day. They're all looking for the same thing a the end of the day; Competence both practical and paperwork.

I used the check list they sent out to peprare me and everything I need for the actual assessment which went smoothly.

I changed my CU at home as the major inspection item. He spent some time going over the EIC and pointing out some areas for improvement. Whilst I had a socket faceplate change as the MW assessment (at home again) as I had paperwork from a recent other MW he was happy with that.

Questions asked were about IP ratings, Diversity, testing, Special Locations & Zones. I was asked to demonstate safe isolation and getting a Ze reading then calculation.

I got 2 observations on the assessment - 1 about filling in details on the EIC and the other was not putting a PIR lablel on the new CU.

Best of luck



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Hi ive just had my elecsa assessment this morning, which went well.

I showed him all the relevant paperwork and books, then we went to see the job i did, he did an inspection on everything, asked me to take off a light switch so he could see that it was all sleeved up properly, grommets in boxes etc.

Then he asked me a few questions, such as What tests do you do on the rcd, How do you test a ring final circuit, what is the maximum size of hole you are allowed to drill in a joist, what are the safe wiring zones, and also asked me to do a ZE test.

As long as you can answer, or find it in the regs then you are ok, i had to check the on site guide for the maximum size of hole in a joist question .

One thing he mentioned to me was that every fourth light you install must be an energy efficient 1!

He was not overly critical of anything i did, and he gave me a lot of useful tips and advice, and id reccomend registering with elecsa.
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Also for £34 ELECSA can now register you under the TRUSTMARK scheme - I think it's worth the money to be able to add the logo to adverts etc.




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Thanks! i was absolutely buzzin until my gearbox disintegrated on the m62 and i had to join the aa at the roadside!

Passed the assessment but lost my van!


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Sods law but at least you passed well done



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Liking the sound of the Trustmark scheme but there isnt any info on the website.

right about the info on the Trustmark scheme. It was mentioned in the last edition of the ELECSA magazine with a 'watch this space' message. I think they're just starting to roll it out.

I chased it up with an email a couple of weeks ago and ended up getting some info.

Contact is Sarah Needham (Business Development Manager) or Jean Mickle (Business Development Administrator) on 0845 634 9043 at the head office.

I'm sure a quick call to either will get the ball rolling for you/anyone else too.



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