• IMPORTANT: Please note that nobody on this forum should be seeking from or providing advice to those who are not competent and / or trained and qualified in their field (local laws permitting). There is a discussion thread on this global industry-wide matter HERE. This also has more information about the warning with regards to sharing electrical advice in some countries. By using this forum you do so in agreement to this.
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Discuss Sharing and providing electrical (or Gas Plumbing) advice online - Discussion thread in the Electrical Talk - All Other Countries area at ElectriciansForums.net


IMPORTANT: Please note that nobody on this forum should be seeking or providing advice to people who are not competent in their field. If you live in a country where electrical advice is only to be shared between professional qualified electricians, then clearly you need to abide by those laws and regulations. They're there for a reason. ElectriciansForums.net will not be held liable for actions taken based on advice sought on this forum. Each and every person reading threads on this forum will need to follow their local laws. Do NOT seek or provide advice to those who should not be touching electrics! - Lives are at stake here. Not just light switches being moved etc.

So this has been posted in the following forum categories:-
And it made me think about posting a discussion thread regarding this. Just so we're all on the same page.

When we created ElectriciansForums.net and PlumbersForums.net it wasn't as clear cut as creating TilersForums.com. Anybody is allowed to pick up a tile in any country (I think?!) and fix it to a wall or floor.

With the plumbing, anybody (I think?) is allowed to repair a tap. Or even install a wash basin (sink). I think. Albeit given the fact you need to follow water regulations. So don't flush toxic chemicals in drains that lead to the normal water (waste) processing plants etc.

But tile fixing, anybody can do. And you can do it wrong too.

And that's kinda the issue. People will have a go. And tradesmen will get it wrong every now and again. And it's about continuing to learn your trade as new products, systems and processes come in. And in the grand scheme of things, even whole countries need advice every now and again as new ways come about. So electric cars aren't legal everywhere. Countries are testing them out. Some more than others. And we need skilled discussion on such things.

Now; we're online, anybody can access most parts of our forum. And anybody can ask a question about gas plumbing, or electrical wiring, and be well out of their scope. But they could also be an awful tradesman who has passed some exam once and legally is allowed to do something, but doesn't know where to go to check what he is doing is right.

So there's no way on earth other electrical forums online (or social media owners like facebook) are going to be able to vet every person and / or question. Or get out of their responsibility by having some wording somewhere on some page or in some terms you agree to.

Each and every one of us, when sharing (seeking or providing) advice need to make sure that they're only doing so with those who are allowed to carry out said 'improvements' on their home.

We have a DIY electrical forum, and rank for said wording, so we can explain to somebody that it's well out of their remit because A, B and C (still don't instruct them on how to do it!). And rather than saying 'nope, not replying' or whatever, which will only cause them to go and read other threads or forums or social media, and give it a go. Actually explain why they need to absolutely get a professional in.

Now we never really had an area to direct members to when doing this, so this is partly the reason I've always wanted a directory working. I think I'm on my 4th or 5th attempt now (anybody remember 'FindTrustedTradesmen.co.uk'? - that'd say Tradesperson these days for sure!) and I wont give up.

But you guys need to play your part too. Please.

Don't be destructive and outright block people seeking advice. Explain to them why they need to get a professional in. Link them to this new thread even. Which I'm sure will get some responses eventually (need read it all first it isn't short?! lol).

But on the same note, there will be DIYers, terrible traders that need retraining, manufacturers getting it wrong, whole countries getting it wrong (UK Plug Socket Covers?), and colleges getting it wrong.

We need to be here. We need to help them. But not by always giving them the answers to their questions. But showing them why there really are systems, laws, regulations, whatever they're locally called (and I mean Country now, not just UK county!) that they need to follow.

My thoughts are this; perhaps if the DIY industry is so massive (why do BnQ sell electric showers to DIY?!) why isn't it regulated a bit more. Why is it us that should be questioned for correcting DIY or a crap tradesperson. And the DIY sheds still manage to sell to them? What's the deal there?

If we ever end up being regulated and have to check off usernames against actual qualifications in each country to make sure they're not fibbing (there is no such list to check against - this is just me thinking out loud) then the system is already broken. Surely.

Anyway, that's our stance.

You shouldn't give advice to somebody who you think shouldn't be seeking it. And you also shouldn't be seeking it when you know you shouldn't be doing it. But no individual member gets to decide either of those on behalf of the forum (including me or forum volunteer staff). And the forum can't decide on behalf of the members either, there's no list of people who should be doing what.

You all need to follow local laws.

I wish it was easier, but it isn't. It's what it is. We don't do wrong by being here. We do right by a country mile. :)
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Ps. I didn't write it in there I don't think; we have Gas plumbing advice, and even oil rig related advice on the plumbers forum. Oil rigs are in international waters at lot of the time so that's baffling.

The advice on plumbers can be just as dangerous in the wrong hands.

So that forum is hard to guide too. Especially now we are open to more countries than when we were using a .co.uk domain name.


Not to sound rude Dan, but what's that TLDR version? I've read the thing bit my head just goes "What?, Give advice but not if the requestee sounds like they can't do the job"¿


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It's okay mate, no question is silly and all that.

There isn't one. This is our stance from a forum perspective on the subject I mention. It's not a formal statement and we wouldn't submit it to anything or anybody where TLDRs apply. Which isn't everywhere.

It's to help our members understand that when they're posting advice online, anywhere including here, what they are actually doing. That content stays online for a long time usually. So people need to just be aware of what the longer term implications of that are.

We're hoping to stay online longer than Gas Safe Register renewals last (that only applies to the UK of course) so an example would be their advice they are providing at the time of writing might be legit for the UK. But I've tried to plug into the GSR via API and they wouldn't let me. So how am I meant to tell when people aren't GSR? And when I find out, who is responsible for their advice then?

People just need to be aware that's all mate. We will be online longer than TLDRs will exist for I'm sure. :) Wait until Brexit is over and all those useless regulations that apply to only one area of the internet will be surpassed with a more useful normal one that actual web people contribute to making.


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PMSL - I thought you meant GDPR! But went with the TLDR. :D

Acronym fail. @Lister1987 - My bad. o_O o_O o_O o_O

Need read properly next time. TLDR!
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Running on autodrive most of the day lately!

It doesn't really answer it for GDPR either that's not really applicable. pmsl


Too many acronyms!
Is it any wonder kids don’t know the alphabet properly.

All together now....



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I should have know. I read it wrong but then wrote it wrong. Not sure what happened to be honest. More brain fart related I think.

Thought he was going all 'whats my data with regards to this' ha

You get me drift anyway about it. That's the main thing.
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Reply to Sharing and providing electrical (or Gas Plumbing) advice online - Discussion thread in the Electrical Talk - All Other Countries area at ElectriciansForums.net

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