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Hi everyone, I apologise if this is a stupid question but I need help. Ok so yesterday I burnt the toast lol and the smoke alarm went on as it should do, my neighbour was here and said to just tap the Hush button and it will go off, so i did, and it did, for 30 seconds or so, and since then it keeps bleeping every 30 seconds or so and will not stop. I have tried to reset it but it still is the same. Any help appreciated please.

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Backup battery low.

Although burnt toast suggests that an ionisation detector has incorrectly been fitted either inside or directly outside the kitchen. They may be cheaper, but they're not appropriate for many areas.
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Hi, the smoke alarm is in the hallway downstairs and another one on upstairs landing. But the hallway and kitchen are very small and so very near each other. The landlord has also installed the carbon monoxide alarms in the kitchen and one upstairs, plus an air conditioner in the kitchen, which wasn't on yesterday, the previous tenant switched it off and the switch is right up by the ceiling lol but I managed to climb up there now, so that we can use it by using the pull cord. I think I will have to see if one of my neighbours can bring some steps so we can check out the battery in the smoke alarm at least. I really appreciate all the replies, thank you.
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