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When my washing machine (7 year old ) was running yesterday it trip the breaker ( that one ,first on the left , RCD i guess?!) and no power in home. We reset the trip and the same happened twice more (took me a ittle while to realise it was the washing machine!). The socket is OK, and I presume the fuse in the plug must still be OK as the machine worked for a a couple of seconds before the fuse went again.

That one :

It was not happening during all years never before,which is very weird only yesterday. But my mother put inside a lot of clothes yesterday.

Ah and circuit overload doesnt matter,because actually i have only tv and laptop,oven running,like always.

Today we run again washer,but this time she put less clothes than yesterday...+ she clean and dry some element ( not heater for sure ) . Dunno what.

And no breaker tripping and power is on still.

Now its fine,washer working without issues in home. And all other devices in home,like tv,oven,light,laptop working fine.

So leave that or change something in electricity home?

I ask because i want to plug my new pc parts.

But i had many pcs in home all years no issues,even last pc from 12.12.2017 to 10 december 2018 and no issues. So i ask now. If everything is fine now again, can i plug new pc?

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So many questions!
If all seems ok now - plug your PC in. If you are doing any important work make sure it ‘auto saves’ regularly.
Keep a diary of any future RCD tripping and what is on at the time.
Hope it all work out for you. Keep your mother away from your stuff but still Love her.
Happy New year!


That's the RCD that has tripped if your picture is correct, it points to a fault in the Washing Machine. If it was me having the problems I would unplug the machine and see if the RCD holds up ( doesn't trip) what ever the result you need the services of a competent Local Electrician, if the RCD holds up after unplugging the W/M then you should be able to use your PCs OK. Please let us know the outcome.


Might be water got in to the machine from the top and maybe shorted it.
This is what happened to mine.
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Happy New year too :) thank you. Last questions,two if i can.

If everything is fine now.

I have router TPLINK in my room.

Internet cable ( blue ) to PC lan port is going from router.But actually ( and during outage )was not plugged anywhere,because not have pc at this moment like i said
Only main cable ( white,called isp ) from wall is going to router .

But if router working fine it shouldnt be a problem with cable after that outage? During outage cable ( blue ) from router was not plugged anywhere,because not have pc.

Only laptop is on WIFI thats all.

So dont change router/cable before plugging new pc?

I think it doesnt matter anyway?

Router is just sharing internet in my home.
Router working after outage. So no fear to plug cable from router to pc when i build pc?
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All that happened was no power to your house circuits when the RCD popped. It was no catastrophic event, it was like you flicking the switch on the socket outlet, no more than that.
All is restored - peace OUT!
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Welcome in New Year.

I am living on 4 floor block.Apartment nr 1.

Year ago when my mother running oven, a bulb inside oven get burned ( short circuit ),then RCD trip of course and power in home goes off. After switching back RCD ( fuse box in home ) power back but only in wall sockets in entire home. But there was not light in all home.

My neighbourhood helped. He said that something in main fuse box in staircase ( 1 floor ) damaged/burned/broken. Of course it was only connected to my apartment.

I dont know what, a fuse or breaker?
He bought new fuse,breaker?! He change it and lights back again in my home. But he changed something in staircase main fuse box,not in my home fuse box.
All devices was working great still after that.

So question. Washer issue was the same like that with oven year ago?
I mean if all devices was working great after oven case,so after washer case they will be working fine too? No difference at all? Yeah but with oven rcd tripped + something damaged in staircase,when after washer only rcd tripped,thats all.

Sorry for my language
If somebody dont understand,just tell. I correct words.


Language is good, I read it with an accent in my head - am I the only one?
If everything is working again now then carry on but if you put these issues to your landlord (if you are renting) then they ‘may’ want to get someone to check over the electrical installation. Can’t say it will happen but you can always try.
Good thing is that your RCD works when you have an issue - it may be a little sensitive but usually trips when something is wrong.
it sounds like last time when your oven caused a fault it had blown an incoming fuse before your apartment, as this time your washing machine hasn't and has just tripped the RCD you do not need to worry about that.

however you may have a fault on your washing machine keep an eye on it ......... if you continue to have trouble may be worth contacting an electrician (while they are there may be worth getting them to check if there is any discrimination between apartment fuse and incomer)

Language is excellent i also like Rpa07 read it in an accent
however you may have a fault on your washing machine or relevant circuit keep an eye on it sounds like the RCD has just done its job
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So i can build and plug actually new pc :)? Parts are in boxes in this moment.

Heh i was thinking that my language is very bad ;)
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Oki so i can plug?


Plug away, if you are ever worried about anything just get your electrics check by a competent testing electrician.
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So question. Washer issue was the same/similiar like that with oven year ago?
I mean if all devices was working great after oven case ( year ago ),so after washer case they will be working fine too?

Actually with oven all is fine,and with washer all is fine too. No RCD tripping.

Even if, we will not use washer or oven when using pc,just in case.
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Somebody said this:"the main should never pop before the smaller breakers EVER unless something is wrong "

But if i dont have washer on separate circuit its normal i think:)?

But nevermind all is ok and fine now with washer :)and no tripping
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Just ask mainly is there any difference between ? But like i said with oven case year ago,RCD tripped in house fuse box + fuse blowed on fuse box on my staircase ( of course it was my separate fuse, only connected to my apartment ). After resetting TRIP power in wall sockets back but there was no light in house.
After changing fuse,lights back.

I mean if all devices was working great after oven case,so after washer case they will be working fine too and i can plug pc?
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Last question.

Is this possible that neighbourhood swap a fuse connected to my apartment in staircase fusebox? And thats why washing machine was triiping.
I mean swap to weaker fuse etc. Or maybe i am paranoid? Just dont like that neighbourhood he is living above my apartment.


sorry double:)
sew333 you may have more luck by asking your questions on a Polish Electrical Forum (there must be some over in your country) Failing that call a local Electrician.
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