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I have been asked to put some additional lights and sockets in a school. I am Part P registered but not Full NICEIC registered.

Can I do this work and if so would I be able to issue a certificate?


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NICEIC registered, so what. They are not entitled to demand membership. Just do the job? NICEIC are getting to be a pain in the ass, they are boardering on acting illegally, they are hoodwinking the public

If you are a spark and can prove you are just do it.


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I have the same problem,i am niceic domestic installer which is fine for domestics but have done a couple of shops in the past but as this is outside the scope of my membership i just took my nic hat off and did the job ,just issue generic (green certs)but check with school that they will except this as some specify nic contractors.


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cheers Paul. I thought that was the way to go. I'll check with the school about the green cert.


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I'm sure you have to up your public liability insurance from £2million to £5million to work in schools & hospitals but could stand corrected


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Working in schools can be a can of worms, if you do not check on a few things first. If the school is still fully with the local authority they will most probably come under the local authority requirements. This might be the work has to be carried out by a member of either the NICEIC or ECA, or the certificates have to be either NIC or ECA. Whilst this is, as previously pointed out, almost a form of restrictive practice, they will tell you it is because of the additional bonding (financial not earth) or the recourses available in the event of problems.

If the school is totally responsible for its own finances and management then they can decide what they want to do themselves. This opens the door for the sparks who is not a full member of either of the big organisations and certificates issued at the end of carrying out the work should be accepted. They may require you to give references and produce your insurance details but that should not create a problem.

It's good work if you can get it.

Showing a sign of the times, you may also be requested to provide full personal details of those to be working on the school site, in order that checks can be made regarding sexual offenders etc.
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