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Hi guys my garage has a flat roof and im going to build a pitched roof on this so that I can fit pv onto it as it is south facing width is 4 m length 5 m what would be the best pitch for me to build this roof at to help get the best out of my pv do you reckon I will be able to get 12 plus panels or more on to it I wont the panels to be mounted portrate thanks


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Optimum pitch in the UK tends to be 30-40 degrees. 30 is better down south, 35 in the Midlands and 40 in Scotland. Or thereabouts.

250w panels tend to be around 1m wide and 1.65m high. 200w panels can be 80cm wide by 1.60m high.

You may be able to get 12 x 200w panels on but it'd be a squeeze and you probably wouldn't be leaving the recommended 30cm space around the edge.

If you're re-roofing the garage anyway, you might want to consider integrated panels. They are more expensive and less efficient but arguably look better and may save you the cost of tiles/slates.


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Do you mean the area of the finished roof will be 4m x 5m ? If so you should be able to fit 10 Sanyo 250 panels on that size roof (1.61m x 0.861m) with relative ease.

I choose them for my own system due to their small size to enable me to get 4kw on my roof as they are smaller than most other 250w panels, and because a lot of people recommended them for their performance - there were a lot of arguments a while back about if they were worth the extra cost, but it seems to have gone a bit quiet. Personally I would buy them again, yes they are more expensive but they look good and are performing very well for me. The fitters had never used them before fitting my system, they only ever fitted Sharp and another brand, and they couldnt believe how much better they were made.


I did exactly the same thing on my flat roof garage in November, I went with 35 degrees trusses in the end built to order, they are surprisingly cheap, with 8 x sanyo 235w in portrait. Planning took me six weeks, I dident mention the PV to them as planning was for the roof conversion, once this is in place then PV is permitted development, I just dident want to complicate things and also there are plenty of nimbys out there that pounce on anything out of the ordinary. Tip: dont get ridge bedded in until hooks are fitted, its obvious but the roof will probably be tight size wise.
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