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Chef Hermes

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Hi Everybody,

I have several light switches in the top floor of my flat which are the touch/IR controlled dimmer switches.
After having them for 6 months they have randomly started to turn themselves on & off. At first we thought it was a conflict from TV/Wii/AV etc, but more recently they have started to turn themselves off & o when nobody else is in the room.

I was wondering if there is a quick fix or do I need to get a 'Sparky' in?

Many thanks in advance.
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Could they be receiving an IR signal from another source/ flat? (Like when I turn my neighbours TV off when he's watching football). They may have a changeable IR code depending on make. Do you know the make?

Chef Hermes

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No, sorry don't know the make. Our flat isn't over looked, in fact we're the highest by a complete floor over everybody else

Richard Burns

The first thing I would is reset them and then resync the switches with the remotes, if they have variable settings as Drew says then they should reset to a different value and this may resolve the problem.
Also potentially worth looking at the remote and seeing if the buttons are stuck down a bit and may be just connecting.
I there is a loose connection in one of the switches then the sparking may be enough to trigger the switch. switch off the circuit and remove the switches from the wall and check the tightness of the connections and retighten / remove and replace, if necessary.

Other than that may need professional assistance to test circuits etc.

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