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Discuss Combination ladders worth the money or not in the Electrical Tools and Products area at ElectriciansForums.net

Amp David

Amp David

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Looking to get a set of these ladders for lamps need changing on high fittings etc.
Are they as good as the say they are, especially when in the high step ladder mode or do they wobble all over the place.

3.0m (9ft10) Zarges Skymaster Combination Ladder: UK Ladders >> Delivered Free to your door!

Abru 3.0m 'Promaster' Combination Ladder
Aico 3000


I have a 7.5m combination and its a little scary at max hight! It does have a wide foot bar on one side only, but at 7.5m it does feel "wrong" being above the pivot point of the step ladder part. It works well though when there is nothing to lean an extension ladder against.
The most important thing is that I bought mine about 18 months ago via eBay, a company called Cardiff ladders I think. I paid £160 new! I would do a quick search if I were you looking at the prices on that link. Its a quality youngmans ladder not cheap rubbish.


I've had my 3x12 zarges for about 8 years now and think they're great.

Dead handy for dealing with the odd light fitting in a church or school hall etc.


awesome bit of kit. i'd rather use those than a tall step ladder any day.


I've owned Zarges 2.4 and used 3.6, wonderfull pieces of kit.
Wouldn't use some of the others that don't have the solid support on the "A".

2.4 perfectly steady at full height.

3.6 starts to feel wobbly but it's mainly in the mind, used one under a petrol station canopy once changing lamps and the canopy was swaying, felt weird for a while.


Got something similar, work great when you'v not got a wall/beam to lean on but still scares the S**T out of me when I'm right at the top above the A point.
Agree with drew35 - looks expensive - the one I have cost around 120€ and IS nice and solidly made.


Plonker 3

Brought myself a set of these the other week, brilliant bit of kit, won't need my double extenders now that I brought as while back now.


Hailo Combination Ladders are great they have a half moon shape bottom foot which when used as a ladder helps with uneven ground or if on a slope.
Screwfix sell them !


I like the look of those pro little giant steps advertised on your link.
Ladders and steps are so versitile these days.


They are a great job, really steady if a little scarey because in the mind it just doesn't seem right!

That seems very steep price wise, bought mine from BPS Access Solutions. They sell through their website, on ebay and amazon etc so worth flicking between the 3 to see which price is cheapest. Can't fault the quality of them, had mine about 2 years now and they have taken some abuse in that time and still in perfect nick.
Scolmore Electrical Products
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Reply to Combination ladders worth the money or not in the Electrical Tools and Products area at ElectriciansForums.net

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