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Got called into to work today for a meeting, this was a first fix on a kitchen, had to do 2 that day and didnt get in the first till gone 11.30 so was rushing like mad, manager came in took some pictures and has gave us the following list, we had previously been told not to have more than one row of capping as outside zones so cables were bunched up, we were going like 100 miles an hour

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pic 1 fixing screw directly through capping causing burrs, any pressure put on wall on wall like tiles could result in breakdown of insulation and cables shorting out
cables ran with no protection against plastering trowel
evidence of sheathing being hammered to get into flat position pressure faults could happen
10mm earth cable stretched between box potential break down of continuity
pic 2 screw through capping i pre drilled this the opposite side to avoid sharps, you can see on pic
pic 3 wiring not protected
wiring crossed over causing potential pressure fault
cable held in position by screw,,,,,this was a wedge, i know its not great but not tight against cable
pic 4 screw through capping, no capping to protect cables crossed over,,, cable held in position by screw,,,,,,,this was a capping wedge then capping cut short
pic 5 cable no protection, chases very untidy.....

would like to know your thoughts, really wanna have a good argument for them tomorrow as got kids and cant afford to be dismissed, i know the screw wedge is bad but i think the rest are kinda just being picky
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no wind up, we had to do that day so like a said, we were rushing

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i meant to say 2

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You should be ashamed of that....appalling.....No electrician would leave a job like that no matter how rushed.
Blunt I know......but that IS appalling.
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HA sorry mate but it looks like complete cr4p! Given 2 a day is no excuse for installing that rubbish. You should of refused to rush. i wouldnt pay a penny for that work im afraid


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I'd rather have done a couple of extra hours on the job mate and used it as a bargaining tool for a buckshee morning off.
Good luck for the meeting

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I'm intrigued as to why anyone would post a pic of such a pigs ear of a job unless they are having a Steffi Graff......if this is real do you really expect the pro's on here to say "Well....nothing wrong with that might get the tin tack?...OMG....what an injustice!"


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OMG.....rushing or not, that is totally unacceptable, I've seen far better DIY jobs than that. Sorry....but if I saw work like that, I'd sack someone...(if I had that kind of authority!).
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