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Hello All,
Currently I am a 32 yr old sales manager earning 40k per annum. I am married have 2 young kids & mortgage.
My plan is to re-train as a sparkie whilst I continue earning in my current role, once qualified I would work for year and then up sticks to Oz!!
I’ve been looking at training suppler called Trade Qualified who look on paper to be very good; they offer a home study course backed up with workshop centres, although they charge 6k for the pleasure!
At the end of the course you gain the C&G 2391, is this a respected qualification ? The average time students get this qualification is 7 months.
I’m under no illusions as to the current climate and the effect the downturn in housing market is having on the trade; however my main aim is to have a better quality of life, running my own domestic electrical installation company and eventually moving to Oz filling the skills shortage.
Any feedback on the qualifications, anyone with similar experiences or you think I’m insane!!
All feedback welcome – Thanks
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Hello and welcome Seagulls
Prob best to check with OZ what they require for domestics etc but if your starting here then you need to register with a competent person scheme ! check out requirements on NICEIC/NAPIT/ELECSA sites there you will find the answers.
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The problem is you will have to retain and take exams in Aus, my mates just had to do it , hes gone to Adelaide and pro rata his wages are similar to here, but the standard of living is far better + the big orange ball in the sky of course, good luck and hope it pans out ok.


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the 2391 is only a testing certificate, so all it means you will be able to do with that qualification is to test other peoples installations

i did quite a lot of research before starting my course (doing the C&G lvl 2, then the lvl 3, then one thats done i can do the 2391)

i'd be quite wary of paying out 6k and getting a test certificate

to be able to run ur own business you'd be better off learning about all the different aspects of installations (domestic, commercial, and industrial) as you might not have the option when you get there of only doing domestic and if ur planningon moving country having more things to fall back on can only be a good thing!!!

the route im taking is
2330 lvl 2, 2 years £750 a year
2330 lvl 3, 1 year £750
2391 £750
Part p £??? quite a way off so not looked for prices yet!

(also currently looking for work experience)

so basically id say if ur not in a major rush then cover all ur bases before u leave as a back up of being able to do commercial or industrial installs could come in very handy indeed!!
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