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Just about to do my first re-wire. I know that on new builds socket and switch heights have to be to the new heights to meet 17th requirements but I am going to re-wire a 1960's place and would like to know if the socket heights can remain as is, or have to be re-cut to the new heights? The customer is keen for the sockets to remain in their original position as it would save them money.


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the idea of the new heights is to make them more consumer accessable,ie for diabled people.i am currently doing 17th edition and the tutor is pointing out that consideration should be given to location and height of consumers units with increased tripping of rcd's

Scott F

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Rewire heights can remain the same as is/was not sure what page but it is in the green electricians guide to the building regs


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I agree, its only new builds that require the specified heights.


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you can keep the sockets and switches to the same locations, but advisable to use the new heights. But consideration on your distribution board height is required..

you may want to consider the people that live at the property are they old or have restricted reach? If so I would consider the new heights..

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