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I have a question regarding wall lights.

At the minute I'am wiring some flats, the building inspector said because of ceiling vibration transfer I'm not allowed ceiling lights anywhere, only wall lights. My questions are:

1.) What height can you put wall lights? Any height?
2.) As wall lights don't give off as much light effectively as ceiling lights how many wall lights should I have per room? considering the rooms are just standard size rooms.
3.) What wattage lights should I use?
4.) Are there any regs regarding wall lights?

Thank all.


salisbury spark

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Worth a call to light manufactures as they provide sealed unit downlights that so the integrity of the ceiling is not compromised eg. fire. So surely noise. Cant say im experienced in 'Ceiling vibration transfer' but would have thought downlight manufactures can provide gaskets (or something) to stop these problems? speak to AURORA. If you can show compliance with building regs - then LABC has to accept it as there are usually many ways to comply. I have many times used suppliers to back me up, when LABC are just being 'awkward'..... My customers all have some light in the ceiling and then wall lights for accent lighting on dimmers. - Hopefully some more advice will follow.


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Another reason I can't use ceiling lights is because ceiling are concrete and have been dropped lower to house insulation and anti vibration ceiling tracks, therefore building inspector said to low for ceiling lights!


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I usually put the wall lights a couple of courses down from the top of the door frame. I would also go for ones which have glass shades for the living areas, as they kick out a good deal of light, or ceramic ones that allow light to go downwards aswell as up. Lighting in the bathroom is going to be fun tho!

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