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Wiring an off on switch into a Contactor for electric motor?

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I have a sawbench motor that needs an on/emergency off switch fitted, have the hylec on/off switch and a contractor 240V coil with NC contacts.

Any advice on how to wire it up? Please see attached photos.

Can’t seem to get my head around it and failing to make it work on the on off buttons.



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I know this post is nearly 6months old but its essential for future readers of this thread to be reminded here what the OP is suggesting is not an emergency stop but merely a fuctional stop regardless of the actual stop button used , if you are wiring this to a bench saw as suggested outside of any manufacturers design if applicable then a risk assessment and correct design of a control to meet the safety category it lands in.
E-Stops circuits are recognised by their wiring and failsafe attributes and control devices used and not just by the user actuator fitted so wiring a twist to reset stop button would not on it own give you an E-Stop circuit, I've seen this highly dangerous addition to machine controls done so often it's scary, if a customer asks for an E-stop fitting you better know what you are doing and also ensure you insurance covers you for delving, repairing and or designing safety systems.
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