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Hi guys Ive just moved to th uk from NZ and I was contracting over there, is it possible for me to contract in the uk I'm on a 5 year visa and I'm looking at getting my British passport, how do I find out about setting up a company and is it worth it I do mainly industrial work but I have experience in commercial and residential too, any help would be great thanks


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Does your visa allow you to work or is it a 5 year one with multiple entry? If you have no work restrictions then you should be good to go, just apply the same marketting techniques that worked for you in NZ but be aware, if you're doing domestic work there is the dreaded par p of the building regs fiasco to contend with. There's a boatload of threads on here about it mate, have a little dig and you'll come up with them.

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For information about setting up a company the Business link website is a good place to start.
HMRC provide free training courses for people wanting to understand the tax situation for starting a new business.
However it would be a good idea to plan out what your business will do and how you will use it for your support and likely projections of where your business will go before you start up.
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