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Tidy Max

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I have a new customer whos AV company have just gone AWOL. I started looking after one of their offices and the MD has now got me looking at the system in his house. They wearnt given any manuals by the previous company so i have had their 'box of tricks' out and figured out what was what.

They have a wyrestorm HD base T switcher controlling 4 HDMI inputs. This wyrestorm unit can also receive and tranismit wired IR.

They also have a global cache GC-100, a unit i have never heard of before. This appears to be the brains behind their IPAD software (Dpad Control) something i have also never used.

The problem i have identified with the system is that the GC-100 is out putting IR fine on all ports apart from port 5, which is the IR device that communicates with the Wyrestorm. So when they use Dpad control it will communicate with everything (i.e Sky+ BluRay, sonos etc) apart from the Wyrestorm.

Has anybody used one of these units before? Or can anybody possibly point me in the right direction?

I have begun creating a user guide and some documentation for the customer because they basically have absolutely no idea what is going on. I would ideally like to avoid having to learn how to program a Global Cache unit OR Dpad control from scratch but if thats what has to be done then so be it!
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D Skelton

No experience of GC-100s or Wyrestorms but plenty of experience with IR control. Just coming from the angle of 'always look for the simplest solution first', have you checked that the sticky pad is correctly aligned with the IR receiver on the Wyrestorm?

Tidy Max

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Cheers for the reply Mr Skelton, yes i checked that. I also unplugged the IR transmitter from the tx port which i concluded was supposed to communicate with the Wyrestorm (it was the last one and i identified all of the others) and plugged in another IR unit and moved it to the front of the Wyrestorm.

I even had an old HDMI over single CAT5 transmitter in the van that came with an IR unit and tried that however i noticed the 3.5mm jack it was on was actually a 3 pole as opposed to the mono jacks the GC-100 appear to use.

I appreciate the reply though :)

Tidy Max

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Although one thing you could possibly help with...
The GC-100 had 5 outgoing ports, 4 of which had the sticky style IR transmitter that looks like a little black blob but one of the transmitters was a large sticky clip that just had an IR LED protruding out of the front.
Any idea why they would of used that opposed to the little blob ones?

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