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  1. J

    Garden lighting with reliable PIR's

    We have a garden footpath 16m from front door to garden gate with a shed near the gate. I am looking for the following set-up: a) an independent PIR sensor x2, one at each end of the circuit b) these to operate 3-4 LED spikes or low level spots between the two c) plus a floodlight to light the...
  2. J

    stud finder finds cable but need advise

    Hi I have a wall where i know that there are some wires inside, as the electric installation of the thermostat is placed there. I need to drill a hole in that area and obviously i want to avoid hitting those cables. I have bought a stud finder to see where can i drill the hole, but it...
  3. wsoppitt

    what cat 6 mods are reliable and recommended

    hey guys and girls , got to install 3 cat6 points in a property . What are a decent brand for the faceplates and modules . gonna need a single plate in 3 rooms and a 3 gang plate with modules where the incoming line is. not really had much experience of this ,have used deta cat5 modules in the...
  4. C

    Stuck where to go now?!

    I am 18 years old , completed my level 2 & 3 electrical installation city and guilds. I do not know what to do now as I can’t get an apprenticeship because I’ve done all of the theory side but have no experience. So I am just wondering how I can get experience so I can start building my...
  5. littlespark

    Reliable portable reversing camera

    I'm looking for a reversing camera for my van, basically for when i'm hooking on a trailer on my own. I believe they only work when reversing, (taking power from the reversing light) but I would like it to work when I want it to, so I can check the trailer load while driving. Do they work with...
  6. LisaHamilton

    Am I buying from a reliable seller of towel rail elements?

    I just purchased a towel radiator for my newly renovated bathroom last week, and I’m now interested in buying a towel rail element with thermostat from this online seller. But before I decide to avail anything, I want to ensure first that I’m buying from a good seller. Is there anyone here who...
  7. P

    Can any one recommend a reliable gas fire

    Thinking of replacing electric fire with gas one, electric ok but noisy, one of these fancy fan heaters. Last gas fire was always going wrong, so was wondering if any one could recommend one that is reliable, or more to the point, which ones aren't reliable! Not after anything fancy, but Valor...
  8. einstein

    most reliable rcd to convert this consumer unit?

    salutations thinking of converting this with a main rcd over individual rcbo's as theres two spare ways they have specified only the socket circuits to be rcd protected however.... are the screwfix cheapies reliable? also is it possible to buy a mcb cover for the mighty proteus anymore...
  9. E

    Where and how to find a reliable electrician?

    Hi everyone. I realise that this is probably the wrong place to ask this question. But I was not sure where to ask. I wanted to know how one should go about finding a decent electrician in the UK. The last two times we rang for repairman here got utter scam-artists. I do not throw that word...
  10. Phil Thompson

    Most reliable brand of Led Flood & GU10 Lamp

    Hi there folks, I am interested to hear your views on what you've found to be the most reliable brand of Led Flood light and also GU10 lamp. Also any brands to avoid? I've had a load of V-Tac GU10 go faulty, so stopped using them, Source GU10 are another, in my own kitchen, 2 went within a...
  11. S

    24volt DC power supply for defibrillator

    Hi gents, I am after a bit of advice on sourcing a 24volt 70watt DC power supply for a public accessible defibrillator. Do you think either of these would be suitable; 1) or 2)...
  12. GMES

    Sat Phones

    As title suggest's I got thinking about them while overdosing on Gold Rush , They are quite popular on the show for obvious reasons, as in the remote locations they operate in. So I just wondered If any members had ever dealt with them or indeed owns one and if so what are your thoughts, Are...
  13. D

    Van suggestions

    Need small van . any suggestions for model make price or places to buy As normal cheap within reason.. Value for money I guess
  14. Lou

    Mains Electrical Services Ltd

    Whether you're a homeowner looking to rewire your house or a business in need of PAT testing, you can trust in Mains Electrical Services Ltd for quality and reliable work. You can find all the electrical work you need with us, including lighting, new builds and complete rewiring. You'll always...
  15. C

    Anyone rate this drill?

    looking around for a new drill as mines bust.... anyone brought anything from these before looking at possibly getting the dewalt? Dewalt TSKIT1 18V XR li-ion Brushless Combi Drill and Impact Driver Twinpack (2 x 4Ah Batteries) - TStak Kitbox
  16. M

    Dimmable LED bulbs?

    Anyone any advice on wether or not too use them. Have heard some bad reports about them?
  17. D

    remote switching

    Hi all, customer would like to be able to operate the existing exterior lights x2 lanterns, on his detached garage from his kitchen. Distance from house to garage is approximately 10 metres. Anyone recommend a reliable wireless/remote option?
  18. G

    Best Supplier of panels??

    Whos the best supplier for panels?? Cheapest ?? Most Reliable??
  19. H

    Fitting Jobs Available South West

    Guys, I have approx 13 nice jobs in and around the South West. - I have the signed contract - I can get the kit (by 14th November) - I need reliable fitters looking for work who can; 1. Fit on a tight schedule & to a good quality 2. Register for MCS on day of completion (we are not registered...
  20. L

    MR16-LED replacements

    Hi Guys, We are looking to replace some 500 X 20watt MR16 halogen spot lamps with LED's can anyone suggest a reliable make/type. We are trying to evaluate which will prove the most reliable. I understand that heat dissipation is a factor and half of the install are uplighting will this have a...
  21. T

    Car for work

    Hi guys, I'm thinking to buy some car for work.Just drive me from A to B-for free :). Maximum 600-900 pounds I can separate for it.Without Insurance taxes,road tax and MOT, they all be payed separately from the sum of the car.So what car would you recommendation to me.I'm japanese car fan and I...
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