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I’ve just bought an 18 plate transporter T6. Got a few questions.

1. aux socket on all the time. Any way to change this to through the ignition? I’m worried I leave the plug in dash cam on all night and it drains the battery.

2. aux socket in rear space. Can I add an additional aux socket for charging my battery floodlight and other things. If I take it from the interior lamps supply, will it cope with the load?

3. how hard is it to add a reversing parking sensor?

4. how hard is it to add a reversing camera? Would it be easier installing a Bluetooth or rf version?
1. I doubt a low voltage item like a dash cam would drain a van battery.

2. I'd have thought you would spur from the cigarette lighter/power socket.

3. if you look on ebay you'll find reverse sensors that work by jamming a cable into the reversing light socket; jammed in by the blub. So when the bulb comes on the reverse sensors come on.

4. Reversing sensor kits often come with a small dremel hole cutter tool so you can precisely cut out the holes in your bumper to the correct size although any self-adhesive bits are probably not to be trusted so use your own means to permanently affix anything.


agree with above. as for reversing camera, i fitted a Sony head unit (bluetooth to provide hands free phone) and a reversing camera connected to the unit. rather than power the camera fron the reversing lights, i powered it from the rear screen demister as that supply is already in the tailgate. , so it also doubles as a secondary rear view mirror.


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That’s what I did in the old van, had the camera on all the time so I could check loads in trailer while driving. I could run the signal cable through the van, under the ply as there was no bulkhead. This transporter has a plastic bulkhead, and I don’t really want to drill through it, hence the suggestion of a possible Bluetooth or rf camera.
The radio already has BT but the screen is pretty small. I might get a new head unit anyway.

I’ve already got a 3 way adapter plugged into the 12v socket for dash cam, phone charger... so all that left powered overnight, or for a day or two could drain the battery?

for all the power that might be needed in the back, I’ll just come off the interior lights. I might put in extra LED lighting while I’m there

These things are converted to campers easy enough. You think there would be a cable route through.
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