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When electrics go wrong!!!

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Just setting up a new sticky thread that unlike the dodgy trade pics thread is focused on showing the result of failures in electrical installations IE - damage caused which may be due to various reasons. Please do not post pics of poor workmanship if there is nothing else to show like the consequences, use the dodgy pics thread for that.

I will start off below with an example. I am hoping the fresh faced members and inexperienced can get a visual incite of what to expect when you come across such things and how to understand what has occured.
Loose connection

I’ve posted it before but this is what happens when you put 230V through a 110V coil. The coil voltage was applied whenever the machine control was on, so it would easily be sitting at the over voltage for 8 to 10 hours a day. I think it lasted three days before failing.

Physically the contactor looked fine, but you couldn’t manually push the contacts together like you should be able to.

Always always always check the coil voltage as well as the contactor rating, don’t just rummage around the parts cupboard for something that looks similar!



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