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Hi there I'm a newboy here ( be gentle) and have a question.
Im a DI, relatively new and picking up work whilst still doing my old work.
Not done any notifiable works yet so ive not had a Part P assessment, but been doing minor works etc - fault finding and the likes.
Anyway a chippy friend is building an office inside a warehouse for his father in law - well the shelll exists he's throwing in the wood, and hes asked me to put in a ring and lighting circuit. It is not attached to any dwelling and has its own DNO supply.
Can i do the work legally?
Am I right in thinking it needn;t be notified, but only tested to 7671? All advice appreciated.
I see the work is simple enough and you could probably do it, you need to be a competent person having 16th edition, 2391 to test the circuit. So you could possible do the work and get some one in to check and test the work u've done. It is notifiable work as it sounds like a new circuit. Do you have an electrician mate who could help you out. The certificates aren't cheap if your not a registered installer.

I could be wrong here like, I'm sure someone will correct me on here. Stay put and someone will come and answer it properly as I aint a fully quailified sparky.

regards Luke


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As the warehouse isnt sharing the dno supply with a domestic property you do not need to worry about part P notification, the work will be classed as commercial/industrial.
The legal side of things boils down to your competency to undertake the work, so if you work & show you've worked to EAWR 1989 & BS7671 & have a working knowledge of what you plan to do, then you have no worries (nothing ventured nothing gained), but I would point out that as a DI you may find you will be working on a three phase system in the ware house & I dont know if this is covered on the di courses with regard to testing .
All electrical work should be carried out to comply with BS7671 including the testing.

As for certificates go to the IET site and down load them free or photo copy them from the back of BS7671.
The ones from the IET can be filled in on the pc via the adobe download.
Heres a link to the certs
Forms for electrical contractors - The IET
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